McCall’s 7009 in quilted knit cotton


Sometimes when I’m puttering around town, I go to an old time fabric store in Ventura called Fabric Town. They have a pile of discontinued patterns they sell for three dollars each. I saw McCall’s 7009, and thought is would make a cozy dress for Gigi for winter. I only just finished it last night. I’d started and put it aside about a month ago. I had forgotten about it since the fitting issues had frustrated me, but it’s not as bad as I remember. Time has a way of easing frustrations.

I was drawn to this pattern for the cowl neck and the circle skirt. I wouldn’t recommend this pattern, but if you want to make a similar style you could make Kitschy Koo’s little girls’ skater dress and then follow my tutorial for a adding a cowl neck.


I don’t usually make kids Big 4 patterns and this really confirms why I don’t. After cutting the size 6,  I wasn’t about to muslin this simple project, I realized it looked HUGE. More like a size 10. A try on confirmed my hunch and I had to remove about 6 inches from the bodice. I also shortened the waist a few inches. The pattern had a drop waist which I didn’t really like in this fabric. And I shortened the arms. But there was nothing to be done about the shoulders since I noticed those too late.

. I have an average sized 6 year old. Thin, but still pretty average. So I’m not sure where these measurements on their size 6 comes from… I know the average American kid has gotten bigger, thanks to growth hormones, but these measurements were ridiculous! No wonder this pattern is discontinued.2 But Gigi loves it, so I consider it a success. The customer is always right, so they say!  3And it goes nicely with the shearling coat I made her. But too bad, winter is almost over. Better late than never!4

The fabric is a lovely quilted cotton knit I found downtown for only two dollars a yard. I wish I had bought more, as it’s the softest and coziest fabric I ‘ve ever sewn. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was organic, too.6It’s so comfy Gigi actually slept in it last night!

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  1. Elizabeth says

    Love this dress on her! I have the pattern too — maybe I’ll resist the urge to make it, though. I have that same fabric and also love how soft it is. Sadly, I wasted mine on a poorly-fitting cardigan and just tossed the last little scraps today. No more at Hart’s here in Santa Cruz… boo!

    I do like how it turned out — what I really like about this pattern is the neckline. Did you have any issues with that, or was it just general fit that was the issue?

  2. says

    Four sizes difference sounds huge! Glad your daughter loves the dress. It looks comfy and warm.

    • says

      Thank Jenya. This isn’t the fist time this happened on a kids big 4 either. I have no idea where they get their size standards for kids. Adults aren’t like this

  3. Carol Gardiner says

    I have been to that fabric store on my way up the coast. What a fun store. And yes, I purchased some discontinued patterns as well. I sew for my nieces, age 8 and 11. For their Easter dresses this year I ended up making a size 10 length with a 4/5 width and a size 8 length with a size 3 width. This happens every time. I have no idea why the patterns are so wide. Gigi’s dress is so cute. I love circle skirts and so do my nieces. Her shearling coat looks so comfortable and warm.

    • says

      This is a great tip!Size 3 width? Now that is a huge discrepancy! I’m, sure the 3 would fit Gigi too.