McCall’s 4244 Men’s robe

Mccall's 4244 men's robe

                                                                                              I’m ending 2016 with a cozy and toasty project.

I made two versions of this robe for Christmas gifts this year. One for my son above, and one for my husband, green version. I used a very warm and heavy polar fleece from JoAnn. Their Luxe polar fleece line, which cost a lot more than the regular stuff. I think it retails for almost twenty a yard but I bought it on sale. While it feels so soft and cozy, it was a bear to sew with, and I wasn’t able to give a nice finish on the insides since the seams were so bulky. I also couldn’t serge the polar fleece because my serger freaks out when the fabric is too thick. So it looks very homemade on the insides with the raw cut edges showing. Ah well, it least it doesn’t fray.Mccall's 4244 men's robeI like the shawl collar and the pattern itself is very easy to sew.  But the dressmaker in me cannot see past what looks like a large, glaring flaw.Mccall's 4244 men's robeA big, unattractive shoulder dart that looks very obvious. sorry but I have never seen a ready to wear robe with a big honking shoulder dart. Have you?

It probably looks even more weird than it might in another fabric, since my polar fleece could not be pressed properly as it will melt. So for that reason alone, I would not recommend this pattern. I’ll have to find a robe pattern without a shoulder dart if I make another robe someday. m4244

This pattern goes in the recycling bin, since the pajamas in it are kind of frumpy dumpy. Although those pajamas do look easy to sew, I like a collar on men’s PJ’s.  And look how hilariously huge they are on that otherwise handsome model!Mccall's 4244 men's robeHere you can see the dart end pointing out on the robe’s upper right shoulder. Sorry I didn’t get more pics of this, but my son is already off to Ecuador to build bamboo houses for earthquake victims. He just graduated from University ( UC Berkeley), and we are so proud of him!

He could care less about the dart. He loves his handmade robe.cruetsAnd this is the gift he made me. Handmade oil and vinegar cruets from old bottles that were dug up in the yard. A very pretty upcycled project!


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  1. says

    I see what you mean about the dart….kinda odd! But I like the roomy raglan sleeve and would consider this pattern for just that . You can tell he appreciates his new robe!

  2. says

    You did a great job on the robe. That shoulder dart reminds me of the one that is put into a cape to make the shoulders sit right. It seems superfluous in a robe with raglan sleeves because the raglan sleeves already shape the shoulder. Probably a designer detail gone awry.


  3. Sandy Osborne says

    That dart IS weird. Don’t you just hate that when you spend all that time (and money) making something and then you just obsess over one weird little detail that the pattern designer should have seen and fixed?? Arggghhh – don’t EVEN get me started . . . LOL

    But more importantly, your son! Graduating from Berkeley – what an accomplishment. You have every right to be proud, but then he goes off to Ecuador to help earthquake victims?! You must be bursting at the seams with pride. (ha ha, just saw that I made a little pun) Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done: raising a son with great character. And how sweet that he loves the robe you made him and allowed you take photos of him in it.

    p.s. The bottles he gifted you are beautiful 🙂