Matching stripes on curved seams

match stripes on curved seamsMatching stripes on a curved seam. It’s enough to make you want to throw your sewing machine across the room! Even with the most careful pattern cutting, the small stripes can be off, if only a tiny bit.nobasting

I was having  trouble getting my tiny lines on this striped fabric to line up. They looked perfect when I pinned them together.  But after sewing with the machine, the stripes were lined up in some spots, but the seams had stretched out in some spots, as usual for curved seams, and they didn’t line up everywhere.

I folded under the seam allowances, and hand basted the seam from the outside just a little outside the seam allowance. Then I flipped it over and sewed the seam allowance with the machine.bastingIt takes a little while to pull out the basting stitches, but the results are so worth the extra effort. It’s little details like this, that take my sewing to the next level.

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