Making gifts! the reusable grocery bag See & Sew B5635

sewing a reusable folded grocey bag from See & Sew pattern B5635It’s gift sewing time here at the ranch again! I’ve been working on several projects, most of which I can’t show. But there is one. And I really wanted to share it because it turned out much better than I expected! A reusable fabric shopping bag that folds up into a little pouch.

I’ve made lots of grocery bags, most of which I have designed myself, but this one is so clever I have to say it’s my favorite so far. This year I was way too stressed to try to figure out my own patterns and to be honest, I would rather have someone do the thinking for me nowadays. But I also didn’t want to spend more than a few dollars on a pattern.sewing a reusable folded grocey bag from See & Sew pattern B5635

The three buck See & Sew pattern I bought at Joann’s. It’s so quick to make and fills that much needed gift gap for people who you aren’t sure what to make or buy for. Plus, who doesn’t love homemade gifts?sewing a reusable folded grocey bag from See & Sew pattern B5635 These bags are eating up my stash like nobody’s business since they are big! Not to mention I’m getting to use some of the loads of vintage bias tape I have bought at yard sales. And I have a TON. A win win for me.

The bag folds up into a little compact bag you can carry in your purse. I added a button and buttonhole instead of the asked for Velcro.sewing a reusable folded grocey bag from See & Sew pattern B5635Well, I have a few more to make, and other gifts as well, so I am signing off. Maybe I will be back with a year end post if I can swing it.instagram

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Sandy Osborne says

    Love this fabric! I’ve made a few of these myself (different pattern) and I agree that they are great gifts. I even made one for myself and use it often. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Justine!

  2. Carol Gardiner says

    Merry Christmas Justine, Thanks for sharing your sewing journey with us this year. Have a wonderful holiday with your family.

  3. karen says

    Merry Christmas Justine! Hope the holidays with your family are the best ever!
    Stay warm (and I mean that as we have hada two week long deep freeze)