Make a Cozy Duvet Cover from flannel sheets

Sew a Duvet Cover from bed sheetsFlannel duvet covers are soooo cozy! But it’s hard to find cute designs for kids rooms and when I have found them, they’re a lot more expensive than sheets, which doesn’t really make sense, because a duvet cover is really just two sheets sewn together. And it’s hard to find cute designs for kids rooms.

The other day I was at Target, and they didn’t have any flannel duvet covers that would match Gigi’s double size bed. But there were lots of cute novelty printed sheet sets, so I bought a queen size set for twenty four dollars.

How to make a duvet cover from sheets

The trick to buying sheets that you can make into a duvet cover is to buy them a size bigger than the comforter you want to make the cover for. I bought a queen set and it was the perfect fit for a double sized comforter.

Cut the elastic off the fitted sheet and lay it flat on the floor. Lay the comforter on it and cut around it leaving about 1/2 inch around the edges. The sheet will have square edges once the elastic is cut off and the corner seams are cut open.


Lay the flat sheet on top of the trimmed sheet and trim it to match. I saved the deep hemmed edge from the top of the flat sheet to use as a placket for the buttonholes. An easier thing to do would be to flip the sheets and just leave the hem part as the bottom without cutting it off, but since these sheets had a directional print, the kitty cats would be upside down if I did it that way.step2 You could also just skip having a placket at all, and just sew the buttonholes to the sheet itself, but then the buttons will be visible at the bottom of the duvet cover like in this cover I made awhile back….which is cute, too.Gigi'sBed1

This is that hemmed edge of the top of the sheet below.

step3I serged all the edges of the sheets before sewing them together so they don’t get unravelled in the wash.step4To make the easy placket for the buttonholes that are found at the bottoms of duvet covers, use the hemmed top of the flat sheet. Sew on the buttonholes spacing them about every twelve inches. Sew the placket piece to the sheet right sides facing.step5Then flip it over and press. I top stitchd the top of the placket to keep it in place.step6Sew buttons to the other sheet. This was the flat sheet and I cut it so I could save the hemmed bottom. Then sew the sides and the top of the sheet together, right sides facing. No hemming!

Flip it right side out and it’s done.Sew a Duvet Cover from bed sheetsA cozy winter duvet!

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    What a great idea!! I definitely want to do this for one of my girls. She has a down comforter that we bought in Germany, but doesn’t really like the cover we bought for it any more. I haven’t looked for another one here because since their beds were bought in Germany and they aren’t the same size as American-sized beds/sheets/covers.