LouLouxe skirt and tank for tennis

 Tennis season has started again! My weekday team has a uniform of black, white, and turquoise. The captain chooses a line of tennis clothes, and then we can go onto Tenniswarehouse.com to buy the pieces we like. I never did get around to buying the uniform last spring, but I did buy some Supplex in the team colors of black, white and black stripes, and turquoise, to make my own things inspired by the Bolle pieces. A few of the pieces can be seen below. Luckily, our team is still wearing these colors this season!

I made the JALIE Loulouxe skort, and a basic black tank top from MCCALL’S 4261, a sports bra pattern which I lengthened. 

All the fabrics I used are supplex knit. It’s very soft, but it also feels like it may be a bit warm. We will see next week. I recently had a match in 100 degree heat!

The skirt has attached shorts. It even has a little pocket for keys or a phone. I like the leg bands instead of elastic. They seem to stay in place better. The shorts also have a little extra piece of fabric in the crotch, or a gusset. I’m assuming it’s to help with ease of movement. This skirt is very comfortable! I made a size T, according to my measurements. I love all the little details Jalie adds to their activewear patterns.

This tennis skirt went together very easily, and I look forward to making another one soon.

The top is pretty basic, but it will probably get worn often with my flashier bottoms. 

I used McCalls’s 4261. It’s a bra top pattern, so I just made it longer, tracing the hipline from another top included in the pattern.I sewed 1/4 inch elastic to the inside neck and armholes, then turned it over and top stitched with my Janome coverstitch machine. I’ve had this pattern sitting around for a few years. There are some nice basic pieces in it, so I’m surprised it took me so long to make anything from it.

MCall’s 4261 pattern views.

Somehow, I managed to gain about fifteen pounds since last year. So I’ve been feeling pretty down about myself. This month I’m turning 48, and it just keeps getting harder to stay fit! I doubt I will lose the whole fifteen, as I’m not into depriving myself the amount I need to to be at my same weight I was in my twenties. I will be happy with five! What’s more important to me then being skinny, is to be strong and fit. And muscle weighs more than fat.

Just remember, strong is the new pretty! And you can be strong at any age!

PS Thanks to Gigi, my eight year old, who took these photos!


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  1. says

    This is a fabulous outfit! I love the color matching. It is so much harder to keep on track now with my weight as I’m turning 50 this year. It keeps me exercising though, which I really love to do. Seems lately that I can literally feel an extra pound or two, which is weird to me. I don’t obsess about it because having been through cancer, I’m just happy to be fit and healthy. I really want a home gym one day.

  2. Sandy Osborne says

    1. Kudos to Gigi — she did a super job!
    2. Love what you did with the stripes — very pleasing to the eye
    3. Nice work all around
    4. You look great! And don’t even get me started about the weight creeping up on us. I figure I’d have to eat just one carrot a day for 3 months to get back to my wedding-day weight 🙁
    5. You’re right–it’s all about feeling strong (and healthy)
    6. I just bought my first Jalie pattern–a raglan hoodie. Love the style, but so many pieces that I dread making a muslin. What’s your opinion on fit? Can I take a chance to dig right in with my expensive Atelier Brunette french terry???? Arghhhhh!

    • justine says

      Hi Sandy,
      So far the fit on Jalie has been spot on. The main thing to keep in mind is that there is very little ease in the patterns and to be honest with yourself about your measurements. I’m used to cutting a size 12 in Big 4 even though my measurements are more like a 14. But with Jalie you really can’t do that. Ask me how I know! I made a size R in the new woven joggers and now they are too small.

        • Sandy Osborne says

          . . . actually, the better word is “useful” (referring to the info) thanks again

  3. SaraJane says

    That is the cutest tennis outfit ever! I hear you on the weight issue, it’s so hard after 40. You look terrific.

  4. Kat M says

    That is amazing! I will be 48 next month, and i am sure if you lose 5 i will find it around here. That skirt is fantastic! thanks for the sewing encouragement.

  5. Justine says

    I think this is so neat the way you’ve made your tennis outfits over the years and this one too is SO cute! I really like wearing skorts to exercise in and this one looks so comfortable with the ease of movement as you were saying and handy with the pocket. I would love wearing this! Is this the website you got the pattern for the JALIE skort?
    https://jalie.com/jalie3670-loulouxe-skort I’ll bet JALIE and/or McCalls would be interested in this lovely last picture that Gigi took. I am seriously inspired by this picture and your words in the two paragraphs, beneath it including, “And you can be strong at any age!” I hope you have a wonderful birthday, Justine!!! I hope you know you are so appreciated for the inspiration you are!!!

    • says

      aah thank you so much Justine! That makes my day! Yes, I got the skort pattern on the Jalie site you listed. Have a great day!