Lisette For Butterick 6464. Top, skirt, and jacket ensemble completed!

Do you ever wonder if anyone actually ever makes all the views on those Big 4 patterns that contain a top, skirt, and jacket? Have you ever done it? I did, today.

After making my much beloved top from Lisette for Butterick 6464, which I blogged about in my last post, I decided to make the skirt and kimono jacket. I didn’t make them match each other, thinking I would wear all of the pieces separately. But somehow, I don’t think they look half bad together!

However, I doubt I will ever wear all three pieces together. I feel sort of matronly in this outfit, to tell you the truth. Very Chicos- ish.

Butterick 6464. Kimono jacket in silk crepe, top in rayon, and skirt in ponte knit. 

I prefer the ensemble without the jacket. I put the top on for the photo to see how it would look with the skirt and I like them together. My top could use a good press. I love this rayon fabric from The Confident stitch . I wore it a lot during the heat wave we had last week. The skirt is a dark blackish brown ponte knit left over from this dress.

The skirt has side panels and I top stitched them to flatten the bulky look made by my serger. I made a straight size 12 in the skirt with no alterations. I used my coverstitch machine for the hem. This will make a good basic piece for fall and winter. It’s a bit too hot, for now.

The skirt only has three pattern pieces; one middle, one side, and one yoke. The front is identical to the back. I thought that was odd, as the backs of skirts are usually bigger, but it fits fine. I thought about adding it to the Pattern review pencil skirt contest this week. I love contests! But it’s a dull piece for a contest, and it definitely wasn’t inspired by a musician or a song.

I found the silk crepe for five dollars a yard at my favorite spot in downtown LA, and right away I knew it was perfect for the kimono jacket. I washed and dried it first, and the fabric bled a little . I was disappointed and did my best to cut around the parts that bled. There are no guarantees down there!

 The jacket is a bit too wide and boxy looking. And the color might not be that great on me. But I like it. Lily says it reminds her of a banana slug. Aren’t teenagers pleasant?

I made the jacket in size 12 and hand stitched the neckband and cuffs on, to avoid any unsightly machine stitching on my elegant silk fabric.

All in all a good pattern I would recommend! Just keep in mind the top is a bit short.

Happy sewing!

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  1. SaraJane says

    I really like all three pieces, especially the kimono jacket. It’s a striking and fun jacket. Great job as always!

  2. Sandy Osborne says

    I like all three pieces, but not sure I like them all together. The kimono jacket looks smashing when you pair it with the maroon tee and jeans; it’s a great look on you. Nice work 🙂

  3. says

    The only complete outfits I’ve made are Ottobre, but I’ve been tempted with the big 4 especially Lisette–they just seem to make the best combos. This looks like a winner. I like the jacket with the jeans. I’m glad to see this post because it reminds me to get this pattern–really love the cute top!

  4. Brenda Kimberlin says

    I just bought this pattern, seeing that cute top might just inspire me to get going on it.

  5. JeanneAntha says

    Have you used Color Catchers when washing new fabric? They’re great and usually ‘grab’ extra dye and can help prevent bleeding.