Lisette for Butterick 6183 top and cropped pants

Another version of Lisette 6183 for y’all. I guess I couldn’t get enough of these cropped pants! This time I made the top, too. I realized after I started cutting the top that I didn’t have enough fabric to finish. I hadn’t intended to make the top, but was curious to see how the fit was. I started liking it so I finished it off. I didn’t really plan on how much fabric I was going to need, so I used the striped fabric I made my previous cropped pants (shown below) to make the center back and the top yoke. This top goes with both pants now! A happy accident.

BTW, I haven’t gotten my camera back yet and my iphone takes really crummy photos. The pics of the red outfit look kind of grainy and meh. I miss my camera although it has gotten a bit long in the tooth.

I didn’t add the cuffs to my red pair of pants, but wish I did. I really like that detail but was feeling lazy when I cut out these so I left them off. I like these striped pants more. The cuffs!

My fabric for this project was kindly sent to me from Kate at The Confident Stitch. It’s by Robert Kauffman and called Brussels Washer Linen in yarn dyed red. Yarn dye means the warp is one color, and the weft another, giving the fabric a denim like look. It’s a mixture of rayon and linen and very soft. And washable.

The pants are size 12 with no adjustments. The top I cut out in a size 10 D cup. Cup sizes. Yay! The fit felt good although I could lower the apex of the top about an inch. I cut the top three inches shorter than the pattern to make it more cropped, but that ended up being too short. Obviously Liesl is a good designer and thought out carefully the perfect length for these pants, and there I go just chopping off three inches without batting an eyelash. So I hemmed the bottom with bias tape to preserve what length I could. And I left the sleeves off because I didn’t have any fabric left.

I took in the bust seams a bit. They look a bit wavy here since I left the original seam in. I had already serged it. I had already sewn on the yoke and didn’t want to get involved with all that seam picking. You don’t want to see the inside of this top. It isn’t pretty. #lazyseamstress

There’s that striped panel on the back.

I felt maybe a little goofy in such a matchy matchy outfit, but I got a few nice compliments when I wore it out today. I seem to make a lot of matching outfits. I find that if I don’t make a top to specifically match what I’m making, I tend not to wear the garment very much because I can’t seem to find the right top to go with it. This takes the guesswork out of things.

Maybe I need to live more dangerously.

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    • says

      Hi Kate. Sorry I didn’t make it out to Missoula. We only had a couple days up there in Big Sky, and then we had to go back suddenly, a lot sooner than I had planned.

  1. SaraJane says

    Very nice, and I love the linen. This pattern has been forgotten and buried deep in my stash. Time to dig it up.

  2. Sandy Osborne says

    Such a gorgeous color — and I love the stripes in the top. It breaks it up and so it’s not as “matchy-matchy,” although I am a big fan of the matchy-matchy. Do you ever watch Project Runway? The one judge from Marie Claire magazine, Nina Garcia, is always getting on the designers about matchy-matchy; she wants bold contrasts. She would hate everything I make because of that. When I worked, I loved having all my accessories match. But see, you have nice style– your shoes look darling with that outfit. I think Nina would approve

    • says

      I remember how Nina would always go on about being matchy matchy. That must be where I got that insecurity from. And God forbid one should make something even a tiny bit “matronly”on the show. Agist idiots.

  3. Justine says

    This was a fun read, Justine! So creative the way you improvised with the striped fabric! 🙂 No problem with the photos! I’m thrilled to see your creation! It sounds like trying them without the cuff on the pants helped bring appreciation for the detail on the striped ones even more. Totally understandable in not wanting to pick the serged seams. I think you did a good job taking them in, considering they’d already been serged. I hope you had fun trying this! I think this is totally okay to do!

  4. Dagmar says

    That outfit looks terrific on you both from a colour and style perspective! I love matched sets and since this is a casual look, I personally don’t feel it veers into overly matched territory.

  5. nothy says

    I love these..what are they? pants? I love the colour you made them in too. Perfect for summer.