Lisette for Butterick 6183 cropped pant and Bento Tee

Lisette for Butterick 6183 and a Bento Tee

I enjoyed making this pattern, Lisette for Butterick 6183. It was drafted true to size, not so for most Big 4 patterns, and I barely could fit into the size 12. I had to let out the center back and front seams a bit and I added over two inches to the waistband.B61834 Silly me for thinking I could squeeze my waist into a band designed for a 26 inch waist. So this was a very ready to wear fit. The size 12 fits about the same as an American size 4 at stores like J Crew or the Gap.


This is the leftover fabric from the living room curtains I cut out and promised to sew myself before Lent was over. Did I sew them yet? Well……no. My husband chuckled when he saw I finished some pants, but the 38 yards of  unsewn curtains are still sitting in the dining room chair. I feel guilty about not keeping my Lenten promise to do some unselfish sewing….. I still have a few weeks left.

I wasn’t sure if I could pull off fitted, flared hem cropped pants, not being a tall angular person, but I think they work with heeled sandals. You never know until you try, right?
Lisette for Butterick 6183 and a Bento Tee

I wanted to make the matching top, but didn’t have any fabric in my stash that felt perfect except this knit fabric I made my exercise tank out of last week. So I made another Bento Tee. Lily didn’t notice my cuffs were all twisted when she took these shots. Oh well!OLV-B6183_Prod_Fulldutchlabelshop

These are the labels the Dutch Label Shop sent me. I’m not sewing for hire anymore but I like putting them on my own clothes just the same. When I remember to!Lisette for Butterick 6183 and a Bento Tee

As you can see these are almost on the verge of being too tight, given the fabric doesn’t have much give. Not much wiggle room!
Lisette for Butterick 6183 and a Bento Tee

I like this design a lot. I feel very chic and dressy casual in them. I also love the cuff detail. The directions were really good, too. Not quite as thorough and pretty looking as an actual Liesl & Co pattern, but still good. Not bad for two bucks at Joann, right?Lisette for Butterick 6183 and a Bento TeeI would totally recommend this pattern and the cropped wide leg pants are still going strong for spring and summer this year. This pattern is from 2015, and was quite fashion forward at the time. Obviously I’m a little late on it, but hey, I’m a country girl now. I really like a high waist silhouette with a shorter top. My floral culottes and top from last year have this shape as well.

Now I realize I didn’t really get any good shots of my Bento Tee since the sleeves were all messed up so I took a few more for you all!Bento tee in Modal Listte 6183 pants

bento tee and lisette 6183 pants

This is the comfiest Bento tee I’ve made so far.

I like it tucked in as well as untucked. bento tee and lisette 6183 pantsbento3Have a nice weekend, y’all!

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  1. says

    These are great Justine! I chuckled about this being for your curtains but you made pants instead…I would totally do this!! There’s still lots of time! Thanks for the sizing tips.

  2. Sandy Osborne says

    Oh, Justine! Those pants are FAB-U-LOUS I really like the way they fit. They are perfect for this time of year. And the top (even with the twisted cuffs-teehee) is nice, too.

  3. Lynsey says

    They look great, they fit spot on and love the fabric you have used. I have loved the wide leg trouser look both cropped and long but most (esp indie) have pleats on the tummy, will see if I can get this pattern here in the uk. Super top too

  4. J says

    That fabric is perfect for the look. I like the print. You have a lot of style. I think these pants and top are chic. Tempting to make these, but my “figure” is quite a bit different from yours. Doubt they’d look good on me. But I sure do like this look. (Love that it was for curtains, too…….which looks like you can still make…..)