Links to over twenty in print bridal gown sewing patterns!

20 plus in print wedding dress sewing patterns!Hi readers! As some of you know , I take bridal gown commissions from time to time when something interesting comes my way. While I’m not pursuing a bona fide business, I decided not to, I am working on something now that I’ll be blogging about soon!

I mostly end up drafting or draping my own pattern pieces for whatever I’m doing, right now it’s a refashion, but I do look at bridal gown patterns and even buy some at sales so I can read the sewing instructions which are a big help! Or for a Frankenpattern…..

I thought I’d put together a list of available wedding dress sewing patterns to save both myself and you, my dear reader, from the headache of scouring the internet. I’m not gonna lie, it’s slim pickens’ out there for the wedding gown sewing market and most sewing patterns don’t really reflect what’s in fashion this spring of 2016 in wedding dresses. Like mermaid gowns, and the return of the natural waistline. Empire waisted gowns are a bit dated, or maybe they are ready to make a comeback? But fear not. If you don’t know how to make patterns these patterns can be modified easily enough. And there are some great new designs this spring.

Also, if you look beyond some of the questionable fabric choices on some of the envelopes, you will see a world of possibilities! So let’s get started!

11cd0790bbbaf1e05951954cab527b61First off, we have a free custom fit wedding dress sewing pattern from Bootstrap patterns. Bootstrap patterns are fully customized PDF patterns. I just tried out the  stretch dress sloper and was quite pleased with the fit. I only had to change it a little. I have a feeling it’s because I may have made a few of my measurements incorrectly,too This company looks very promising and you can’t beat the price!

Vogue 2788Vogue 2788

A traditional look with nice bones and easily customizable.

Vogue 1032Vogue 1032

Chic and very unique style lines.

Vogue 2842Vogue 2842

Off the shoulder is a strong look for 2016. I’ve been seeing them a lot on sites like


New Look 6401. Only $4.29 ! A bit boring but great for one of those shotguns wedding s when you have only a week to make a dress! However the bodice seems a bit too puffy and gathered. What do you want for $4.29 though?

Burda 6940Burdastyle 6940. Simple, but pretty, and it looks easy to sew.

Mc Calls 7154MCall’s 7154 I totally love this. So elegant.Very Jean Harlow.

McCall's 7355

McCall’s 7335 Two piece dresses are a big trend this year, 2016.


McCall’s 6030 Empire waist gowns haven’t been in fashion for some time, but still, it’s a classic look . And hides a baby bump for those who may have gotten started in on married life a bit early. The puffy gathered sleeves are so wrong.

Butterick 5731Butterick 5731

This is Butterick’s knock off of the dress Princess Kate wore. So pretty, but too hot for a summer wedding, I would think.

Butterick 5779Butterick 5779 Very on trend with the bare skin lace applique over English net look. I like the sleeveless version.

Butterick 6353Gertie’s new design Butterick 6353 has a detachable train which makes receptions so much more comfortable. No dealing with giant bustles. I could see this in silk taffeta. Not sure why they show it in this fabric here. It looks quite flammable! Detachable trains are a new look again. Just imagine this dress sewn in a 3D lace like the Naeem Khan version….naeem-khan-wedding-dresses-spring-2016-016

Butterick 5325Butterick 5325. Another simple but pretty strapless dress.

McCall's 5321McCall’s 5321  We have several bridal shops here in town selling this style of pick up dress. It’s popular around these parts! Kinda early 2,000’s though.

b5184Butterick 5184  Another strapless pick up dress but with detachable sleeves. They do these sleeves at David’s Bridals when you want to add sleeves to your dress. There are no armholes so they’re just tacked on. This causes some gaping in the underarm area. I don’t recommend them.

B5710_02Butterick 5710 A cowl neck gown. Sort of nineties! And nineties are so in again. I can’t tell you how many cowl neck bias cut tops and slip dresses I had in the nineties but it was a lot. Let’s not forget the prerequisite choker necklaces!

V2965_01And here is another cowl neck from Vogue. V2965. I totally prefer this cowl version to the previous one. Not all cowls are equal! and it looks more thirties than nineties.

V2979_03I much prefer the short sleeved version of Vogue 2979 to the long sleeved version which look almost monastic.. or like sister wives…V2979_01I’m all for modesty but this is bit too modest.

V1495_01Vogue 1495 No. Words.

V1095_aVogue 1095

Oh my goodnesss….. someone please put that cake frosting away!

OK I think I’ve shown you enough now.


I’m loving 3D lace and a natural waist.

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    This was fun. I totally love the last dress, the color, the extra detail at the hem. Talk about dresses being classics, one of the dresses was a dead on ringer for my Mom’s dress (and she got married in the early 50s), though her skirt was tulle. McCalls 7154 makes me wish I needed an evening gown (plus had a negative space for a tummy like the model).

    The fabric on Gertie’s dress is part of her collection for Joanne’s fabrics (I just double checked Gertie’s blog and it’s an embroidered organza inspired by Sabrina). I agree that it doesn’t photograph well, it looked like a printed curtain panel instead of an embroidered fabric.