Life Is Better At The Beach Printable


Life Is Better At The beach Printable

Today I’m taking art in a series by Stacey from Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy Crafts called The Fashionable Type. I was in a gift shop and saw a wooden plaque with the words Life Is Better At The Beach.  I thought it would look cute on a Tshir for one of my girls to wear this summer.

Recently I bought a few white tank tops on a trip to Wal Mart. I really hate going to Wal Mart because the lighting there really bothers me and I feel like everything there is made by child labor in third world countries. But I bought these four dollar tank tops anyway, even though my conscience was nagging at me. I won’t even get into telling you about the shouting match I had with this guy who was swearing at the top of his lungs in there. Just another day in Wal Mart paradise.

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I have a Silhouette machine but don’t use it very often, and thought this was a perfect opportunity to try something new. I fed freezer paper ( which I also bought at Wal Mart) through it, and it worked great!Life Is Better At The beach Freeaer Stencil DIY

This is a screenshot of making my project in the Silhouette software. I used Bebas Neue font and adjusted the word shapes. I cut the freezer paper to fit on my cutting mat and placed the shiny waxed side of the paper facing down, with the plain paper side up. This way you don’t have to flip the words on the screen. In the box where you choose the medium you are going to cut, I chose plain printer paper since there is no setting for freezer paper.Screen shot 2014-05-04 at 8.15.50 AMIf you don’t have a cutter you can print out the words on the printer and tape it to the freezer paper, then cut out the words with an X-acto knife. Here is the JPEG:BetteratTheBeachPrintable


shirt2I just used plain acrylic paint to make the words. Easy !

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  1. says

    So wise! I must test out your theory. Too bad the beach is so far away. I love the tank and what is it with Walmart and lighting. I always assumed it was mine but apparently it’s a chain decision to keep the lights low? Thanks for joining along in the series, Justine!

  2. Katharine says

    Love this – I have done something similar by using clear sticky-backed plastic book covering to make the stencil and I just winged it with a scalpel/cutting mat. <3