Liberty top made from my basic shirt sloper

liberty fabric topToday I’m sharing a top I made using the basic shirt sloper  that I demonstrated draping last Friday. I had almost a yard of some beautiful Liberty of London fabric and I wanted to make something very simple to show it off. I was originally going to make a little dress for one of my girls but was then like,  “No, I’m sorry. If I’m spending thirty eight dollars a yard AND paying a fortune to have this yard of fabric shipped from England I’m making something for ME.dartshirtmanilaThis is the sloper transferred to manila without seam allowance.

libertytopI extended the sleeves, creating a simple cap sleeve, and curved the hem to create a shirt style hem. It took just a few minutes to trace the sloper and make these changes.capsleevetop

did think it looked a little boxy so I added a center seam and shaped it to make it more form fitting but not so form fitting that I can’t put it over my head. However, I think I may have taken it in a little too much. And I should have made it a little longer. I didn’t bother with a muslin. Probably not a good idea when working with fabric this expensive! I ‘m way too impatient to make muslins most of the time. Plus, I couldn’t find where I put my muslin I bought last week.


I need to organize my fabrics. When I can’t find things anymore it’s time to spend the day folding things and reacquainting myself with my fabric stash. It tends to get stuffed in these plastic bins in my back room. And I’m not going to show that…

libertytop2I really love this Liberty print. I originally saw it on a girls dress in the J Crew summer catalog and could not find it ANYWHERE except for one seller on E Bay and it had to be shipped from England.libertytop3This top was so easy to make! The sleeves are simply double folded and stitched down and so is the hem. I used bias tape at the neck. An hour tops to make it.

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    That is absolutely stunning. Amazing fabric, and such a simple design to show it off. I love how you’ve demonstrated using the sloper to make the pattern/design.

    Can I ask what the Liberty print is called or who you purchased it from? 🙂