Lace Dress Refashion

Here is Isabelle in my finished lace dress refashion. 

This dress was just waiting for a new life as a sixties style minidress . I decided to leave the puffed sleeves to give it a Carnaby Street look. It was a Lanz of Switzerland dress and cost a whopping 50 cents!

I cut off a couple of inches at the bodice to create a sixties style Empire neckline mini dress. I also cut off about ten inches from the TOP of the skirt and added soft pleats instead of the gathers. The pleats make it more streamlined as gathers at an Empire waist can look too much like a maternity dress. I was pregnant with my first in the 90’s and all we had were ugly gathered empire dresses . Ugh! I wore some big men’s overalls most of the time.
 I cut the length off from from the top of the skirt because I loved the lace edging at the hem and on refashions it is often easier to remove the top part of the skirt so you don’t have to finish the hem.

I simply cut a new neckline and finished it with a matching color of bias binding. 

I added some crochet to the new Empire waistline and two different laces at the neckline to cover the bias binding I used to finish the new neckline.


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  1. Janlynn says

    You did an excellent job. The after dress looks so great.
    I can’t believe you bought the dress for $.50. Your creativity and quality work – priceless.

  2. says

    So, I’m guessing you took off those 10″ from the top of the skirt (after the bodice was removed), then used the pleats to accomodate for the extra fabric? Just wondering in case I ever want/need/must do this myself.

  3. says

    So lovely- the velvet ribon adds a nice little jot of color. What time does Jim Morrison come over to take you out?

  4. Molly says

    It’s a great refashion, love the finished result! Glad you kept the sleeves because they are the perfect accompaniment as is the lace neckline and ribbon finishes.

  5. says

    I love it!!! I’m new and just started my blog. I would love it if you check it out! – thanks a lot!

  6. VintageBettys says

    Wow! That is gorgeous! You do spectacular work, and only 50 cents!

  7. Mongs says

    I’m speechless… this is so perfect! I love it. You totally transformed a piece of dull looking dress.


  8. Jane says

    Justine, you did another wonderful job on this dress. you are so talented.

  9. says

    Can’t believe I only just spotted this refashion now via Pinterest. I am so in love with the lace and you have done such a good job of making the old style new and cute.
    I am starting a round-up of dress refashions on Refashion Co-op on wednesday – I hope you will add this to the linky party 🙂

    Eddie’s Room on Facebook come over for some crafty ideas and conversation.