January 2017 makes

January 2017 makes sew country chickThis year I made a promise to myself to make all of my clothes. That means making a lot more basics like jeans and T shirts, since I used to be lazy and just buy those.

Last month, I learned a lot about fitting pattern sleeves and how to make button fly jeans. I had six successful projects and two failures.

Starting from the top left and going clockwise, these aren’t in chronological order. Just noticed that, lol!

  1. My first version of Kwik Sew 4069 was a flop. The fit was terrible in the armscye, so I made a few pattern changes for another version. The changes can be found here.
  2. McCall’s 6927. A disaster from start to finish. Bad fabric choice for the design itself, and so many fitting problems! I somehow managed to salvage this pattern and create a decent pattern. But not after wasting my vintage velvet. This project had me questioning myself and my abilities. Seriously.
  3. McCall’s 7501 in grey workout fabric from JoAnn. I LOVE this dress! But it is really form fitting. I could probably size up .
  4. Jalie Bella in crushed stretch velvet for Lily. This fits her so perfectly! I actually made this at Christmas time, but didn’t get around to blogging it until January.
  5. Stretch velvet maribou feather dress for Isabelle. I hacked the Renfrew pattern to make it. She loves it. I also made this the last week of December, as she wore it to London for New Year’s Eve.
  6. My first Pair of Ginger jeans. These really got my sewing mojo back!
  7. Another version of McCall’s 6927 with the redrafted armscye and sleeve. A big improvement.
  8. Another version of Kwik Sew 6927 in black ponte. The changes to the pattern were made and it fits much better now.

Wow! I actually made quite a lot this month! Not counting the two pieces from last month.

This month I have to do some really boring and time consuming home sewing projects. Today I almost finished my lined linen drapes in my bedroom, and yesterday I made some drapes for Gigi’s bedroom. After hanging up the lined drapes, I somehow hemmed them three inches too short. I thought I measured correctly, but obviously something went wrong. So I am writing this post instead, to avoid having to rip out 100 inches of linen hem and redo it.

I still need to make pillow shams and lined drapes for the living room. Hopefully, I can get the house clean enough to post photos soon. Not that you guys come here for home sewing, but that’s what I’m up to. I don’t know why I hate home sewing so much. I think I would rather even do the dishes. Or do alterations for other people.. Actually, nothing is that bad. Maybe I need a hypnotist to reprogram my mind.

I’m also planning on making a new tennis outfit for my tennis team. We’re supposed to wear royal blue, and the outfit I ordered online last season looks awful on me so I need to make a new one ASAP as I have matches coming up! Also, Pattern Review is having an activewear contest, and the winner gets a one hundred dollar gift certificate for Jalie patterns! I’m doubtful I’ll win, as I always seem to get booted out of their contests early, much to my disgruntled dismay. But hey, I love Jalie patterns so I’m cautiously hopeful, and will try again! There’s nothing like a little healthy competition to get my sewing butt in gear.

How about you, readers? Do you like home sewing , or would you rather wash dishes ?



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  1. Sandy Osborne says

    Hand me the dish soap and a sponge cuz I HATE home sewing. But it could be a toss up between alterations and home sewing. My mending/alteration pile gathers a lot of dust before I get to it — and the weird thing is that some of it is easy (like sewing on one or two buttons) — go figure!?
    On a different note, I’ve seen a submission or two of yours for Pattern Review contests and I always think your item are so much better than some of the other stuff. Again, go figure! LOL I’m rooting for you again this time!

  2. Carol Gardiner says

    Sewing curtains is just really boring. Mending and alterations are right up there with curtains. I do like sewing decorative pillows for my couch out of pretty napkins when I can find them on sale. Sort of instant gratification. I am looking forward to seeing what other fun clothes you sew this year. Maybe it will inspire me. So far I’ve made two little girl dresses and two sweaters for myself. Not a bad start to the year. Keep sewing, I can’t wait to see what you sew next.

  3. Carol Gardiner says

    Hi Justine, No I did not knit the sweaters, I am a terrible knitter. I sewed them up using sweater knit fabric. They are long and drappy with no closures. I am not sure what the proper name for them is. J.Jill calls them drape front jackets or cardis. But, they are really comfortable and handy to throw on at night.