Jalie Vanessa pants in Tencel

Tencel Jalie vanessa pants

Hi everyone! You’re probably getting bored of my pictures being taken in the corner of my bedroom by now! It seems that my trusty Canon T2i  bought seven years ago isn’t working so well these days. Photos out doors have been soft and we’ve been having a hard time timing our photo shoots since Lily is only available during afterschool glareful hours where we get overexposed shots like this:Tencel Jalie Vanessa's

I guess it’s time to learn to use my tripod and self timer. It’s just so easy to stand in the corner of my room and call for Lily to come in and take a few shots of whatever I’ve made. With Isabelle out of the house, she’s my main photo person now, and she just isn’t  that into doing it anymore. I do pay her for her photo service, with the hope it helps motivate her. She’s a great photographer but this particular subject, Mom in her makes, is not so interesting to her! Tencel Jalie Vanessa's

So onto this week’s project. I was one of those people who bought a bunch of Jalie patterns during their presale and this is the first one made. The Vanessa Fluid pants. The top is one I made two years ago. New Look 6374.

I pretty much copied the pattern photo….3676_2 and made these from some lovely Tencel denim courtesy of The Confident Stitch. This fabric is perfect for summer. It feels lightweight and flowy but still has substance and some weight. Tencel drapes like rayon, but looks like denim. It has a faint sheen to it.


I changed the pattern a little by creating my own patch hip pocket pattern piece, instead of using the included slant pocket with pocket bags. I also dyed a strip of white crochet in Krylon’s denim blue and sewed it to the side front of each pant leg before I sewed on the pockets. I had made patch pockets for the back, but they looked  bad. I made them too small for my rear.

I took out the drawstring from a pair of ready to wear shorts. I save old clothes in a bag I keep in the garage that have interesting details I may want to use.


The pattern is great with notches in all the right spots, clear diagrams, and I love that I can make a pair for my girls or even my mom if the inspiration should strike.

I don’t have any photos of my rear in these pants. I cut a size S according to my hip size 37,  but they were a little too tight at first. Jalie’s tend to run a little small on me, and if I make these again I will make a size T. After I wore them for a little while, they did stretch out and look OK enough to be wearable. You can see below that they are straining a bit at the side seams.


vanessa4The woven jogger pant style has seen it’s heyday, but I still like it. I bought my first denim ready to wear pair about three years ago at H& M, but never did buy the Hudson pattern, which is very similar to this, but designed for knits. A few almost identical knit patterns were released since then, with one from Simplicity that I meant to make, but never did. Here’s a funny article on Pop Sugar about the woven jogger trend. I say if you like the style,  just get it. I know I’m riding this one out as long as I can because of, yes, comfort! The modern version of the velour tracksuit pant.bottom I do love this Tencel fabric. I debated making the new Liesl & Co Soho pattern with it, and had originally ordered 1. 25 yards of it from The Confident Stitch to make that pattern. However, Kate had an extra 1/4 yard on the end of the bolt and included it, so I had enough to make my pants. Just to let you know, the pattern states you need 1 3/4 yards of fabric for a size S, but I easily fit everything into 1 1/2 yards.

Happy sewing!


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  1. J says

    Thought I’d stop by while I had a moment this a.m. I really like these pants, especially the ankles. On to your other recent posts!

  2. says

    I love these pants! So glad to see them made up. I’m definitely going to have to get this pattern because that is such a perfect style for me. By the way, LOVE your sandals. I find I have to size up to a T in Jalie too unless it is their stretch denim jeans. The S works fine for me with those. Great to know you can get by with 1.5 yards :).

    • says

      Thanks Shirley! I got those sandals at Target over two years ago and they are my faves in summer. You should try these pants. They would be cute on you!

  3. says

    Love these!!! I have a similar fabric all cut out right now. It’s just sitting on my cutting table waiting to be sewn up! Your version makes me excited to sew them up!

  4. says

    These look fabulous!! I love tencel!! It’s become my new favorite fabric. I am pretty sure I lost the bottom piece that attaches my camera to the tripod. 🙁 I have never sewn a jalie pattern.

  5. says

    Very cute pants! I love the tencel denim, it’s really good for warm season. These are beyond original!