Jalie 2215 Tennis top

Jalie 221

I love the lines of Jalie 2215 for a tennis top. Kind of retro cool, right? Like a vintage 70’s tennis top, but made in modern fabric with modern techniques. I am so excited about this pattern!

Jalie 2215 in size T

Jalie2215But this one turned out a little too tight on me. I made the matching pants in leopard, but they look totally ridiculous on me so I’m not showing them. The leopard fabric is printed on white, so you can see the white in the spots where the fabric stretches a lot. Like my bust and my butt. So … I’ll spare you the laughs as I won’t be wearing those pants in public!

The top is a crop top, and I made it three inches longer. it’s still quite short, as you can see. But I like the length. Some of my workout tops are too long, and don’t look good over my pleated tennis skirt.Jalie2215,2

This top isn’t very forgiving to my 45+ middle but I’ll wear it anyway. Also, the fabric is very thin and clingy. I’m pretty sure it’s designed for swimwear, but it almost feels like an ITY knit. I don’t really like ITY knits in general, as they can look a bit cheap, due to their thinnness and clinginess.

It’s also really tight across my bust and shows the white. I’m going to make another one in either one or two sizes bigger. If you make it, I would recommend cutting a size bigger than your usual Jalie pattern size since there is a lot of negative ease in this pattern.

Unless of course,  you’re a workout maven who has a perfectly flat tummy. In that case, show it off, honey!jalie2215,4Jalie2215

This pattern was a lot simpler to put together than I thought it would be. I love the sleeves and collar.

I’m in the middle of the winter tennis season and have already had two matches this week. One of which I won!

 I need more tennis things, and since I put a ban on shopping this year, I’ll be making more tennis pieces.2215e_1_1 (1)

BTW, Jalie 2215 is an OOP pattern and only available as a PDF.

Stay tuned!

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  1. Sandy Osborne says

    Very flattering top — I love the black inset at the raglan sleeve (sorry, can’t think of better descriptors). You always inspire me to try “scary” things, like active wear. And congrats on your tennis win.

  2. says

    Great top – love it paired with the skirt. I think this would make a nice top just to pair with jeans too.

  3. Justine says

    Nice job, Justine! I think it has been so neat seeing you making your own tennis wear. I like it!

  4. says

    Well, I’ve got you beat. I started playing tennis at 65. I know, it sounds ridiculous. But I found I had a natural backhand … on the first day. When I was searching for tennis dresses, I came across your blog! I was so grateful. I immediately ordered the Anne Marie dress pattern, made a top and dress. I found the shoulders challenging, but once done, easy. I’m going to make a tennis dress for my friend next. I have plenty of unflattering body issues even though I’m naturally slender and in fair shape “for my age”. The dress is acceptable, as is the peplum top. Anyway love your blog and have learned a lot by visiting. I may also try the tennis top from a more recent entry.