Indian Stamp Printing : Simplicity 1461


Indian Stamp Printing- Sew Country Chick Indian stamps are a great way to get a handcrafted boho look on your sewing projects and create your own original printed fabrics. Plus, it’s fun! Woodblock printing is an ancient technique that most likely originated in ancient Egypt. Textiles were also printed this way in Medieval Europe. The monks in monasteries made their own fabric prints with  carved wooden blocks.  Most wooden textile stamps today are made in India, were the art is still being practiced. Many colors are used and the process is quite beautiful. My project is much simpler than those types of prints. But you have to start somewhere! Here is more information on the history and process.Indian Stamp Printing- Sew Country Chick I dressed up this plain linen tunic with a stamp from my collection and a fancy stitch on my new sewing machine.I really like this pattern, Simplicity 1461, as it’s easily  adjustable with it’s princess seaming and designed for all bra sizes. Indian Stamp Printing- Sew Country ChickThese are a few of the stamps from my collection.Indian Stamp Printing- Sew Country Chick

After some practice with stamping I’ve found that Jacquard Textile Paint gives the best results. The stuff from the craft store by Tulip Brand is very clumpy and hard to work with. I don’t recommend using it. The Jacquard brand needs to be bought at an art supply store or online.StampPrinting3BlogI put fabric paint into a container and roll a fresh coat on the stamp after each time I stamp. It’s a little time consuming but a very meditative process.Indian Stamp Printing- Sew Country ChickThe stamps aren’t centered perfectly but I think the stitching along the seam lines helps make it look better.Indian Stamp Printing- Sew Country Chick

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  1. says

    Wow! What a great stamp collection you have Justine!
    The blouse looks so great! I love the pattern and your stitching and printing make it look even nicer.
    Thanks for the tip on choosing the ink. I wish I could find those craft supplies in Portugal…

  2. says

    I think I’m going to have to start re-blogging some of your pages on my foodie blog. Your posts are just great, and you’re doing stuff I wish I could do. Maybe I’ll finally start writing on my sewing blog; I just don’t do as much sewing as I do cooking and baking.

    Looking at the pattern. . .it looks like something I’d normally pass up. Now I’m going to be looking for sales and picking one up. I can’t say mine will be as fabulous as yours, though.

    I’m sure spring can’t come fast enough for you, but it’s cold even here in Houston, so I don’t blame you for doing spring stuff now. I LOVE what you’ve done with that top–fantasic!

  3. karen says

    Incredibly inspiring! I can see many lovely children’s summer dresses with crochet accents. If you find a good source of stamps (less hunting than eBay etc) please add to this post! Thanks!

  4. judy says

    Justine, this blouse is beautiful..Love the stamping technique.. And I love the pattern too.. Happy sewing.