Guest Posting at Sew Pony: When We Were Young.

My blog friend Suz from Sew Pony has a really fun series that I’m excited to participate in! It’s called When We Were Young , and in the series, a blogger goes through their own childhood photos and picks something that she wore as a child to recreate for one of her own children. Fun, right?

Suz herself is an Australian blogger and has adorable vintage kids sewing style. I consider my kids sewing style to be vintage as well, I consider her a kindred spirits I think, when it comes to kids style! I love her Debby’s Birthday Dress pattern.

debbie front dbdpaintSo cute!

Suz asked me to join her fantastic guest lineup for her series months ago. Today my post will be on her site! Come on over  to Sew Pony and see me recreate this outfit for my little girl…  When We Were Young series Justine From Sew Country Chick

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  1. I just cane over-love it!!

  2. Thanks for your lovely introduction justine and for joining in my series!

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