Goat Girl Doll and mom’s campout

goatgirlThis just may be the ugliest creature I’ve ever created. Half goat, half girl. But, her Peter Pan collar looks good!

So here I am thinking I want to make one of those big headed skinny armed dolls for Gigi again. The kind that are all over Pinterest and that I bought a kit for a few years back. There are eight dollar downloadable patterns to make similar dolls……

“What the hell, this looks like a cinch to make. I’ll just make my own pattern!” And I’ll even sew her a twee Peter Pan collar!

Apparently making an attractive giant headed long skinny limbed doll as not as easy as  thought. Those pigtails look like goat ears!doll1But the important thing was I shared some quality time with my girl making it.doll2doll3Even my process shots look weird. Ha! Well, I just thought I’d post this to show you can’t win ’em all. however, this project was made entirely with my stch. No new materials were bought. So far, I’m making good on my buy no new fabrics pledge.

Somehow Gigi has conveniently lost this doll since I made it. We can’t find her anywhere . Hmmm……hence no cute blog photos of her cuddling with her dolly.

In other news, I had a blast with my two oldest, (in time known, not age!) and best friends and their daughters. We went on a mom daughter camp out at Jalama beach this week. I highly recommend a mom/ kid camp-out if you’ve never tried it. Cooking around the campfire, swimming in the ocean, lighting gasoline stoves without blowing yourself up, and pitching tents…. real fun! Just pack plenty of vodka to get through it. oldfriends

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  1. says

    Proud you had a fun week with the girls..
    I had to laugh at your doll making with Gigi.. I did the same thing with my daughter.. She laughed and laughed at my doll making.. Well, it got put in the attic [wonder why?????? hahahha] Years later, Her daughter was helping me clean and found it.. She LOVED it.. She toted it around for ever… So , you never know,
    One day…… a grandkid may find this adorable doll and fall in love with it.lol
    Have a great day..