Glitter Dipped Tassel Earrings DIY

When I got back from the Craft & Hobby association show in January, I had bags full of goodies from various craft companies. I have so much craft stuff! It’s really starting to pile up. I work out of my dining room and sometimes it looks like it’s straight out of an episode of hoarders, sad to say.  I’m determined to start using up some of these goodies and am venturing into jewelry making. These earrings were really easy for me to make. Really easy!

Tassel-earrings-Darice-1Glitter dipped tassel earrings supplies:

Step one: Choose your suede tassel earrings color. I chose the pack of green and teal tassels, but there are also aqua and blue, fuchsia and pink, brown and beige, and more!

tassel1Step two: Using a small flat tipped brush, paint the tips of the suede tassels with craft paint. I wanted a more sparkly look so I added some chunky glitter to the craft paint to give the tassels a dipped glitter look. Add as much glitter as you’d like until you achieve the look you want.

Let the paint and glitter dry completely.

tassels21Step three: Add the earring wires to the tassel earrings loops and voila, you’re done!

Tassel-earrings-DariceWhich color of suede tassels would you choose for your DIY glitter dipped tassel earrings?


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  1. says

    Justine , I had to laugh when I read your blog.. I too, have alot of crafting/sewing stuff.. And compare myself to the hoarders
    But, isn’t it fun?
    Have A great day..