French Mariniere T shirt tutorial

If you didn’t make it over to Project Run & Play to see the tutorials going on for the Flickr Friends Month go and take a look!
I posted my French Mariniere Hand painted dress tutorial below on Monday and am now sharing it here too.
My tutorial  for the French Mariniere t- shirt dress.
This dress was a part of my signature look for the Project Run and play Flick pool:
This is a very simple dress to make. 
I have had a love affair for the Mariniere tee for years now and it seems I am not he only one. I have some good company!
Coco Chanel.

Pablo Picasso.

Bridgitte Bardot.
Are you convinced yet that this is a great look and that you need one too?
 Although the Mariniere is easy to find outside of France for adults, finding them for children is very difficult so I decided to make one for Gigi.
Here are the directions for the tutorial:
Materials needed:
An adult white t shirt from the hobby shop
marine blue fabric paint
a small paintbrush
wooden or sailor type anchor buttons
a sewing machine

Bon Jour mes amis!


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  1. Another Sewing Scientist says

    C’est si mingon! Je dois le faire aussi pour ma fille. J’ai quelques T-shirts de mon marie qu’il lui manque pas…..

    (so cute! I have to make this for my daughter too. I have some T-shirts from my husband that he won’t miss….)

  2. MysticMandy says

    I really like the way the fabric paint turned out. Looks great 🙂

  3. says

    Really nice!!! I keep unsuccessfully looking for blue and white striped knits and I’ve been thinking of just painting them and here you are!!! You’ve inspired me to do this on a shirt. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Farrah Gee says

    I love love love this dress. I can’t wait to try this. Thanks for sharing

  5. Farrah Gee says

    I love love love this! I can’t wait to paint stripes. thanks for sharing

  6. Margie says

    How do you adjust the neck of an adult-sized teeshirt to fit a toddler? Mine fall off the shoulder.