Find your blog projects on Pinterest!

Here is a quick Pinterest tip :
Are you a blogger and  do you wonder if any of your projects have been pinned onto Pinterest by others?  If you have a crafty blog it’s interesting to see which of your projects are catching the interest of others paste the address below into your browser and replace YOURBLOGHERE with your blog’s address.

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  1. Anonymous says

    I’ve just pinned your sailor dress that you showed Aug 2011. Have had it bookmarked for ages and only just joined pinterest this week. Much easier to keep track of things I see and like whilst reading my fave blogs of which you are one. Cathy from Aus

  2. says

    I’ve really only just got into Pinterest, but it’s so good. Thought I’d just look and see who’s looking and I’ve had one link!! I’ve only been on there about 2 weeks and blogging since last May! Yikes!

  3. Carolyn says

    That is an interesting tip, thank you! Good luck with your competition entries, and thank you for your congratulations!

  4. Another Sewing Scientist says

    Thanks Justine! I ran across an image of me on Pintrest by chance, and I thought that there must be some way to see if more images are being grabbed.

  5. Sara Noemi says

    oh wow, someone posted a dress that i made a few weeks ago that i felt pretty “eh” about. what an ego boost! hahaha thanks!

  6. Madalynne says

    I don’t think I’m that popular but I will check. Thanks for the tip.

  7. says

    Pinterest is really interesting. I recently wrote to the admin, because there was an article I read that brings up some possible issues with waiving your intellectual property rights to things you post on their site, etc. You should read the terms of service andyou’ll understand what I”m talking about. My big concern is people who post links to websites that don’t belong to them, and so far the legal language in the terms of service makes it sound like people should NOT be doing that…but there’s also an interesting line in there about people who use Pinterest to sell their own homemade items etc. In any case, I would highly recommend everyone read the terms of service in full, so that you know EXACTLY what you are agreeing, too. I still have not heard back from the Pinterest admin, and I’m seriously considering shutting down my Pinterest account. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather 🙂

  8. yarndiva says

    Wow, I did indeed find something of mine there. Thanks for the link.