Felt Feather Headband Tutorial

Felt Feather Headband Tutorial

 Something I like to do when I start to feel burned out from complicated sewing projects is an easy hand sewing project. This felt feather headband is colorful, fun and easy to make! Also, it’s a great project to do for kids who are just learning to sew. Felt is just so easy for little hands to deal with, and there are no unraveling mishaps to be run into.featherheadband2

Gigi recently got a new short haircut, so I have been on a mission to make her some cute headbands to wear for the summer. Plus, I am so in love with sewing feathers! featherband3

Would you like to make a  felt feathered headband too? read on…….

To see and print out the PDF patterns for the feather headband click here. Featherhead band PDF.


You will need:

Feather templates or you can draw your own.

Scraps of colorful felt

Emboidery floss, needle and needle threader. ( Needle threaders are indispensable when using embroidery floss, which is a pain to get through the needle.)

A piece of elastic for the headband. The sizes for elastic headbands to cut for the different kids ages are as follows:

Newborn 14 inches

Age 1 15 inches

Toddler 16 inches

Bigger Kid 17 inches

Teen? Adult. ( you know you want one, too! 18 inches.


Cut out your feathers and small circles with my pattern. Or you can draw your own.

Overlap the elastic 1/2 inch and sew it together with a few hand stitches.


Cut out the feathers. I cut 6 out to make three feathers but I only ended up using two feathers. I  sewed the embroidery floss up the center of the stacked feathers, then I trimmed the edges of the feathers to create the fringe.


I used the glue gun to glue one of the circles to the back of the feathers.feathersguingback

Then I sandwiched the headband between the other circle and glued it down.feathersfinishedVoila!

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    I noticed her new bob in the Spain post and thought then how precious it looks on her! Great project- I’ve been coming the web for ideas like this to keep older kids occupied and make some cute things. PS love her little flamenco dress!