Faux Shearling Coat New Look 6416 pattern hack

me750pxFirst post of 2016!

Happy 2016, readers!

I made this faux shearling coat last week and gave it to my stepdaughter for Christmas. I’d love to make myself one, too, but doubt I’ll get around to it anytime soon. That’s the best kind of gift, isn’t it? Something you love,too.

This is the second version I’ve made of New Look  6416. In my first version, I rounded the collar and in this one I cut the pattern into panels to show off the shearling fabric edges. . I also added cuffs to the pattern. Well, not actually cuffs, but I lengthened the arms 3 inches then folded them over onto the right side.shearlingfrontInstead of leaving the edges on the collar and front raw, I folded them over at the collar 5/8 inch. This made them look a little more hefty. I also folded the hem outward onto the right side instead of under, to show off the shearling look. The seams on the panels are sewn with lapped seams. This was a quick sew, since there are no facings or closures. Faux shearling is similar to sewing fleece. Although it’s found in the fur section, it doesn’t shed the way fake fur does. The edges can also be left unfinished.
content/uploads/2016/01/shearlingback.jpg”>shearlingbackThe original pattern has only one piece for the back, so I cut it into two and added a center back seam, shaped the back a little at the waist , and then cut each panel into two pieces. I traced the pattern onto my pattern paper to do it. I had to then add seam allowance at all the new style lines.shearlingsideI liked working with this stuff! I have about a yard left and am going to make Gigi a little coat from this cute Burdastyle pattern for our trip to the snow.indexAnother success with New Look, my favorite under three buck pattern line.

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  1. says

    I love this Justine! You would never guess that these coats are from the same pattern–I’m saving this post so I can make this one day. I love it!

  2. says

    Beautiful… and so sweet of you to give to your step daughter. Know she loves it.. I really like the pattern for Gigi’s coat, that will be so cute. Happy sewing and happy 2016

  3. Mary says

    This coat is beautiful, Justine! Your stepdaughter must be happy! She’s blessed to have you as the other mother in her life. I also love the Burdastyle jacket pattern you’re going to make for Gigi. She’ll be the best dressed girl in the mountains and probably the warmest too!