Fall doings at The Country Chick Ranch Preserving and sprucing things up


outsideshackFall is in the air! Even if it isn’t registering on the thermometer yet. But the garden has been providing a bounty of fall produce, and I’ve been scrambling to keep up. Here’s what we’ve been up to this past week at the place.CabbageWe had a bumper crop of Napa cabbage so I’ve been making Korean kimchi. I love Korean food, and when I drive to LA, I love to stop at my favorite restaurant where they serve little dishes of the most amazing pickled veggies alongside the best grilled meats ever.. If you ever are shopping at Mood Fabrics in LA, and hankering for some Korean BBQ, go down to Wilshire and make a left. Go about two blocks until you see Genwa Korean BBQ. You won’t regret it. I had to really hunt down the ingredients for this kimchi. Let me tell you, finding Korean red pepper powder and salted Korean shrimp is NOT easy around these parts. That’s a blog post in itself.kimchiBut it’s sooo good! I used this recipe to make it.makingpicklesNext up , I’ll be making pickles from our homegrown cucumbers today! I’m trying Alton Brown’s recipe. It looks very promising. That there is a German pickling crock. Very serious piece of equipment there.ButternutSquashLast night I roasted these butternut squashes from the garden and used a rather bland recipe with sage and apples to make a big vat of soup everyone was ‘meh” about. With burnt grilled cheese sandwiches. Next time, I’ll add some curry powder to do Richard’s beautiful squashes justice. The poor things did not deserve to end up in a bland soup! truckRichard got a new old truck. This will look great at the pumpkin patch. I’m envisioning a photo op . I’ll have to make something.TVRoomOn the decorating side , I’m working on some slipcovers in natural linen to replace these past their prime , stained, and beat up ones. They were once white, but I dyed them unsuccesfully, and they are a mottled mess.irobbedGigi will be moving into her own room and out of my little back room. I’m thinking this old bed would make a nice extra one to have in the room for sleepovers when she or Lily has friends over. But it will be awhile yet, before Gigi has sleepovers. I’ll have to make my own mattress, since the bed is an old twin one, and they don’t make mattresses in it’s size anymore. It’s really narrow.dogsThis one has been causing all sorts of trouble practically digging up the whole yard. I’ll have to make her a bed too. since it will be getting cold at night and we’ll need to bring her in.deckAnd hopefully we’ll finish this deck one of these days.

And thanks to those of you who offered your support about my messy house post a few weeks ago. I’ve been working hard to keep things tidy and it’s starting to show! Well, maybe not at this moment….

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    I LOVE the new truck! She’s a real beauty. I have several diesels and that’s what use to get around…but hubby and I have been dreaming of restoring of an old Chevy forever. I love my big monster trucks but a classic truck would just rock my world. Love this post, and guess what? I have my eye on a 16 acre farm of my own:)

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      That’s is great Amy! We used to have a Red 20005 Ford F 250 Diesel King Cab. All the guys would stare at me when I drove it! It was a crack up driving that monster.