Fabric Blooms By Megan Hunt: Book Giveaway & Daisy Hairpin Tutorial

fabricbloomsToday I have something special: A giveaway of Fabric Blooms by Megan Hunt and a free tutorial from the book!

I have been making so many labor intensive sewing projects lately, and am itching to just do something FUN and EASY. One more week until my play opens, I have some mens vests to make, and hopefully can also get two more dresses for my PR audition done and then, YES! I can relax a little. And make some fun stuff. Like flower headbands for Gigi who has a new short haircut, thanks to her big sister.

 Fabric Blooms, a new crafting book by Megan Hunt showing how to make lots of super pretty fabric flowers is a perfect book to do some projects from. Would you like to have a copy too? It’s a perfect project book for spring! The photos are lovely and the instructions , simple to follow. I have a few projects lined up already…Felt-flower-hair-accessoryFelt flower from Fabric Blooms

From the press release

“This collection of floral projects allows crafters to adorn their life with cheerful flowers made up of a variety of materials, like felt, wool, cotton and even an old t shirt. The 42 projects include everything from simple hair clips to elaborate bouquets, all of which include detailed, step-by-step instructions and vibrant photographs. Some projects include a simple stemmed marigold, roses entwined in a summer headband, a dapper boutonniere, and a velvet succulent wreath to adorn a door”

 Now the publisher has kindly allowed me to share a tutorial with you that the author Megan has written. To check out more about Megan Hunt, the author, is the creator of the blog Princess Lasertron, as well.


Muslin Daisy Hairpins from Fabric Blooms

Is there anything in the world more cheerful than a daisy? When this happy little flower is backed with a simple hairpin, it adds a bit of spring to every room you enter. This project comes together quickly and easily using some very basic techniques. Make a bunch of these and pair them with a wraparound braid for a perfect daisy crown.


Fabric stiffener

2 yellow buttons

yellow embroidery thread

bobby pins


crewel needle

hot glue gunMuslin Daisy Tutorial from Fabric Blooms


  • Spray the muslin with fabric stiffener and allow to dry
  • Fold the muslin as if you were making a paper snowflake: fold the square in half diagonally to make a triangle, then in half again so the pointy corners meet. Fold the pointed corners together again.
  • Iron the triangle thoroughly to make crisp, pleated petals of the daisy.
  • Cut a deep V into the top of the triangle. Not sure if your folds and cuts are aligned? Test them out on a scrap of paper first.
  • Unfold the muslin to revel the star like shape. Repeat with other muslin squares.
  • Stack the three layer together, fanning out the petals so they all peek through each other.
  • Glue the bobby pin to the back of the daisy

Reprinted with permission from Fabric Blooms © 2014 by Megan Hunt, Lark, an imprint of Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. Photography by Lark Crafts

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  1. Shelly Rhodes says

    I think my favorite flower is a toss up between a daisy and an iris. I love making all sorts of fabric embellishments for my projects, and this book looks so interesting! Thanks to you for sharing a tutorial with us.

  2. says

    Right now I am LOVING daphne. Smells so amazing when I go outside. I’m also a big fan of spring tulips.

  3. Jaime says

    I love, love roses and peonies, especially the old-fashioned fragrant ones. I also love the scent of lilacs. This book looks like it is full of all kinds of pretty ideas.

  4. Mary W says

    Peonies! I hope the snow melts soon and I will see these beauties in my garden soon!

  5. Karen McMahon says

    My favorite flowers are daffodils! I just hope the snow will go away so they can bloom!

  6. Kristin Zueger says

    This book looks like so much fun, I’d love to make each of these beauties.

  7. Amy Southerland says

    Hydrangeas are by far my favorite. They remind me of my grandmother’s yard and I love the variety of colors and shapes, lace- tops, oak leaf. They are all wonderful.

  8. Melinda says

    It’s really hard for me to choose a fave. It can change weekly! Right now I would have to say tulips are my favorite. I just love the thought of beautiful fabric flowers…so wonderful!

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