Everyday Vintage And Our New Puppy

Introducing Miss Coco!
A little chihuahua we found at the feed store.

We love her…
Everyday Vintage
I found this blouse in a pile at a yard sale for 2 dollars. I fixed the pockets and patched the holes.

It’s Jiminy Cricket from the old Disney  movie Pinochio!
I have no idea how old this blouse is but I love it! I’m guessing the early sixties?
The first Disneyland opened here in California in 1959
and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was something that was sewn from fabric bought around that time.
Anyone have any idea?

I think it may have been pajamas or some sort of smock top originally .
I’m not too sure about my patch job but I wore this all day and got quite a few comments once people noticed it was Jiminy Cricket!

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  1. Lenora Jane says

    That blouse is amazing! I am so excited just looking at it! What a great find.

  2. says

    I was always a BIG DOG person and never thought I would see the day I wanted or loved a chihuahua. But my baby girl Bug changed all that and I do plan on having another chihuahua someday in the far future. She is my precious pretty pretty princess girl baby. I think chihuahuas are misunderstood. People hate them because they are yappers and growlers and very vocal, but I think that they are must trying to talk the way we do and that is the only way they know how. Very misunderstood dogs are chihuahuas.

  3. Sew Blessed Maw says

    What a great find..Love the blouse..looks cute on you.. and cool and comfortable too..

  4. says

    I was searching to see if i could date that fabric in the blouse and came across this pic. (i have some blue that i am listing in my etsy store now.) I ended up with a half yard of it from a friends quilting stash. She quilted in the late 70’s and early 80’s. But like you i think the fabric is from at least the 70’s.