Embroidered summer shorts

simplcity 1165I made another pair of summer shorts from my embroidered cotton and Simplicity 1165 which I’ve made in rayon before . A simple and satisfying project. simplicity 1165 in embroidered cottonThis pattern is very quick to whip up with it’s elastic waist band.The fit is perfect straight out of the envelope in size 10. No adjustments needed.simplicity 1589 in embroidered cottonsimplicity 1165 in embroidered cottonThese photos were taken by Lily, down the road near the cemetery.IMG_0967IMG_0950The fields are empty right now. The drought has hit our area pretty hard. We had a wildfire in the river across the road yesterday afternoon, so the road was closed. I’ve just been running around lately, getting the kids to tennis, volleyball, and ballet camp while trying to squeeze in some gym time and my own tennis in between. And of course, sewing and hoping the fire wouldn’t spread! It’s out now, thank goodness.simplicity 1165 in embroidered cottonI’m in between projects right now. I’ve been making lots of wearable simple pieces lately.

I almost started a gingham shirtdress last night, but I had to take a good hard think about how often I might wear the said shirtdress, since I don’t feel very in the mood to wear dresses lately. So I decided to try making a bathing suit and a fringed leather purse instead. I’ve never made a bathing suit besides my failed attempt at the Bombshell pattern. I didn’t have any clue how to add much needed support. But I’ve been doing a lot of research and hope I can now make something half decent. The purse will be entirely hand sewn. I just went to Tandy leather today to buy the hole punchers and waxed thread.

I met my husband there today and we had fun looking around at all the leather stuff together. I am so excited that he’s getting into leatherworking. I think he’s really getting the making bug now. He’s always been a great gardener and grows all the vegetables in our garden. He and our son have been making knives from steel files they buy at the flea market and now they want to make leather sheaves for their creations.

This fabric is so pretty. I found it for only two dollars a yard in downtown LA too!

In other news, I was a little disappointed today because I was hoping to get chosen as a contestant in the Sew Mama Sew contest. But when I went over to check out who they ended up choosing I was happy to find some really good new sewing bloggers to follow. I was also pleased that they chose women of a variety of ages to compete.

simplicity 1165 in embroidered cottonAnd here is my lovely photographer! She is really getting quite good at taking my blog photos and i have been compensating her as well so she takes it more seriously.IMG_0931She just got braces. Almost a teenager! My babies are all growing up.

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  1. Veronica says

    Again, I love it! I’m already searching for this pattern, too, because I could use some new shorts! Quick question, though. Do these sit at your natural waist or just below? Thanks again!

  2. says

    Beautiful shorts and love the fabric. Also, I like the idea of multiple channels for the elastic. I was a participant in the first contest, loved being part of it and it challenged me. You make beautiful garments, next year enter again, you would do a great job.

  3. Brenda says

    Wow, those are beautiful. I’ve always been scared to try shorts, but that sounds like a really good pattern.

  4. Justine says

    Great job on these, too Justine! 🙂 So fun to see the work you do!

  5. says

    Hi Justine!! Wow, love your new shorts…they are the kind of shorts I like! You look great in them with those great legs of yours.
    Photos are fantastic, please congratulate your daughter on my behalf!

  6. says

    Justine, the shorts are beautiful. Love that fabric.. And your photographer is growing up, Lily is gorgeous , just like her mom.
    So sorry you didn’t get chosen for the contest.. I would have picked you for sure…
    Happy sewing. and have a great summer

  7. says

    i don’t even have the guts to compete in contests like that. That being said, I’m really surprised you weren’t chosen; I love your style and the research you put into your projects and techniques. Such a good mix of trendy styles with classic prints…you sew to WEAR your clothes. I was surprised at the contestants too. I expected to see the same ole same olds but there are some new faces there. I just read the quick bios but I’m impressed with the18 year old.
    I love your shorts and I’m with you; I’m into wearable pieces and don’t mind if they are simple. I like my favric way too much to waste it on things I won’t wear. It’s crazy now that I live and work on a farm; the list of things I can wear gets shorter and shorter. I’ve always been a dress girl, not the floofy gorgeous kind but the simple, comfy, flattering kind. Shorts have taken over because they are more practical; but mine are mostly cut offs. I love this pair because they are pretty and they’d look good dressed up or with a tshirt. I guess I need to get the pattern because I love every pair you’ve made.
    Whoa, Lily is beautiful and what great photos!

  8. says

    Oh man you would have been a great contestant! I would have loved to see what you sewed!

    These shorts look amazing. And just the perfect thing for summer! It is so stinking hot here, I’m living in shorts and loose, airy dresses!