Easy Fabric Banner/ Bunting Tutorial

I made a fabric banner from some pretty flowered fabric fat quarters I bought from the Flower Sugar line by the Japanese fabric company Lecien.
I trimmed it with some crochet trim I bought at the 100 yen store on my Tokyo trip but you can find crochet trim like this anywhere.
My crochet trim is just cooler because it happens to be Japanese!
This banner is perfect to hang in my kitchen or somewhere in the garden….

It’s such happy fabric and cheers up my potting shed!

Doesn’t that brighten things up?
I love this little terra cotta angel that was sitting half forgotten in my potting shed.
Would you like to make a cheery banner too?
Banner/ Bunting Tutorial
First, I made a cutting template. Draw on paper folded in half so both sides are the same.
Then I cut out a front pieces and 8 back pieces from an old tablecloth.
I made a1/4 inch sewing guideline on each piece for my crochet trim.
Then I sewed the crochet trim to it.
Then I pinned the back piece to the front piece. I made sure the outside pieces of each side were facing each other. Then I sewed them with a 3/8 inch seam allowance, sandwiching the crochet trim inside.
I put the pieces right side out and pressed them with an iron.
Silly me, I forgot the last picture!
I got a package of some 1/2 inch folded bias tape and sewed my pieces onto it, sandwiching the top raw edges of the banner pieces into the folded bias tape.

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    • Justine of SewCountryChick says

      You should stop by my beginners sewing blog seried next week!

  1. Rachel Cotterill says

    I keep meaning to make bunting. I’ll probably do the traditional triangle kind, though 🙂

  2. charlotte says

    adorable! we have a small line of birthday bunting that goes up in the kitchen for yes birthdays. But my affair doesn’t finish there, I have wedding bunting, I made bag full for our 1940s wedding pic nic. I also have my personal favorite autumn bunting that is just so warm. But I do love the lacey trim.

  3. Jenny G says

    That is so adorable! I absolutely love your buffet too-I’m having massive furniture envy here. (hopped over from SITS – so glad I found you!)

    • Justine of SewCountryChick says

      Thanks Jenny i have had thatbuffet for 8 years and I love it too.

  4. says

    It’s adorable. I’m going to make one with the letters of the alphabet on it so that I can use it in my classroom. (Well, maybe I’ll make 3 banners with 8 or 9 letters on them). Thanks for another amazing idea!

  5. Mary says

    Very cute banners of vintage fabrics. What a lucky potting shed. Thanks for the pretty pics.

  6. angie.a says

    I have this fierce love of bunting. I can’t help myself! I think I’ll make your cute curved bunting for my sewing room, perfect! (I have a huge stash of vintage crochet edging too, from an antique store.)

  7. ruby murray says

    Absolutely gorgeous, love this, and way to up the ante by using Japanese Crochet trim, Getta load of you! 🙂

  8. Fourth Daughter says

    Cute project! Thanks for visiting my blog. I see you just went to Tokyo – I lived there for 9 years so it was cool to see it from someone else’s perspective. I miss it so much!