Dyed Merlot Pom Pom TUBE Scarf Tutorial – Nope, It’s not an infinity scarf.


Pom Pom Tube Scarf and Merlot dying tutorial I was out looking at shoes the other day, and I saw a really pretty scarf. It wasn’t an infinity scarf. Instead, it was a long tube with only one seam. Since I’m on a ready to wear fast, I didn’t buy it, but I was dying to go home and make one. So I did.  And why not dye it the color of the year -Merlot – while I was at it?

News Flash: I just realized Marsala is the color of the year, not Merlot– ha! Oh well, Merlot it is!

I had some scarlet and coca brown Rit dye in my cupboard, and the pom pom trim and roll of white cotton voile I scored in downtown LA for about a dollar a yard awhile back. Plus, I had my wooden Indian lotus flower stamp I wanted to try out, too. The stamp is really old and didn’t really work that well, but I still like the scarf!

Materials for the tube scarf:

Equal parts RIT scarlet and cocoa brown dye plus 1 cup salt

2 yards pom pom trim

1 yard cotton voile

(optional) wooden stamp and silver Martha Stewart craft paintmaterialsI added about 1/4 cup each of the dyes to a big pot. I have a special pot I use only for dying. Then I added 1 cup salt and brought the mixture to an almost boil.  I wet the fabric and pom poms first, then added them to the dye and stirred it up . I left it in for about an hour, then rinsed in cold water and dried it.dyingPom Pom Tube Scarf and Merlot dying tutorialLily stamped the fabric with silver paint. Because the stamp is an antique, it’s become uneven on the edges of the design.

I folded the fabric over along the selvage. The long edges are the crossgrain of the fabric. Because this fabric is 60 inches wide, it’s a pretty long tube. But the fabric is really thin, so that’s OK. I sewed a French seam along the long raw edges of the cross grain of the fabric.

Then I sewed the pom pom trim along the selvages.

 Et Voila!

The scarf bunches up nicely and there are no droopy loops to deal with!

Pom pom tube scarf tutorial

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  1. sharon stafford says

    Hi I really like this scarf! merlot or marsala, the color works.

  2. Brenda Kimberlin says

    Wow, that came out really pretty …

    I just recently discovered the magic of Rit — I re-dyed a pair of black jeans and a cotton top that had faded — I was amazed at how well it worked.

  3. Joen says

    I love this scarf, thanks for sharing it! And I was with you I thought the color was Merlot too not Marsala but either way your scarf is right on trend!

  4. Susan Seal says

    Beautiful! So your scarf is 36″ long and 60″ wide (circumferences), making one a one loop infinity scarf? I’ve been wanting to make one, thanks for the tutorial! I have some printed lawn that I’ll use.