Duck Egg Blue and Paris Grey Kitchen Hutch Redo

duck egg blue cabinet @ sew country chickWhat started as a sewing room remodel has turned into a whole house refresh and it’s all the rooms at the same time so it feels like nothing is ever going to get done and there is still a bunch of junk in my sewing studio so no sewing as of yet.Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue and Paris Grey Kitchen hutch Sew Country Chick

In the meanwhile I decided to repaint this big old hutch in my kitchen since I never really liked the paint job on it and it wasn’t aging well. I bought it at the Santa Monica flea market back when we lived in Santa Monica for my French country style kitchen we had there in the early 2000’s when everything Euro was the thing. I had toile fabric everywhere and this was perfect for that shabby chic style.

Although I really love this hutch, I wasn’t crazy about the faux distressed paint job. Lots of obvious dark marks smudged on and a shiny polyurethane finish over it. The paint was flaking off in bad patches, too. Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue and Paris Grey Kitchen hutchI know it doesn’t look too bad in this photo, but I wish I had gotten a close up of the finish, The ‘fauxness’ of it was really obvious. I’m wondering now if my before photo looks better than my after? Oh crap, maybe it does. I guess I have to get used to this blue color. I love the color but it may be a bit much on a piece this big. What do you think? Here are the products I used for this cabinet:

Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue mixed with Old White for the main part of the cabinet

Paris Grey mixed with Old White for the details and the back of the cabinet

Minwax wood stain in Jacobean to darken the pine counter

2 coats Annie Sloan clear wax followed by a little dark wax mixed with clear to do a little agingAnnie Sloann Duck Egg Blue and Paris Grey Kitchen hutchI did sand the piece a bit because just painting over the piece with the chalk paint went against everything in my nature I have learned about painting. I’ve done it before with other paints and had my paint scratch off and just didn’t want to take that risk on such a prominent piece. Maybe next project I will get my nerve up . It feels kind of like skipping under stitching in my book. img_5627topThe Duck Egg Blue color even toned down with the Old White was still quite bright, so the application of a bit of the dark wax toned down heavily with the clear helped to mellow it a little. This Annie Sloan dark wax is hard to work with. It is really over to over do it and ruin a project, so I mixed about one part dark wax with four parts clear wax to make it less intense. I only wanted some subtle shading. topbeforeI had to sand the top wood part to get all the old wax off with my orbital sander. While the whole piece had shiny polyurethane on it, for some reason there was soft wax all over the wood part. It took forever to get it off and made such an insane mess in the kitchen! Tou can see all the dust in this photo! I still feel like I’m covered in it!

The painting part was easier than this part. Once that was done, I used Minwax Jacobean stain on the wood to make it darker. I have some other shelves our friend Jim built from plumbing pipe and wanted them to go together. Here is his awesome shelf that will be featured in a later post…after I get some outlet covers.jimspipeshelves






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  1. Katie says

    It’s a beautiful piece. I love the distressed look, but it looks good painted too. Those are the exact colors I would have chosen. Love the dark stain.

  2. karen lyon says

    Justine, I also like the painted piece. I am not sure if the kitchen background is changing, but, I am not a big fan of distressed “shabby chic”. I think the blue and grey look cleaner and, considering that it is a big piece, understated. You did a wonderful job of bringing the three tones together.

  3. says

    I love, love your cabinet.The color is gorgeous.. Not too blue at all , to me.. The colors pulled together really well. Cant wait to see your hole kitchen,when your finished..
    All this ‘redo” is a lot of work, isnt it? We moved from our house to an “old/really old tore up” ha house, and have been working on it for a year. It is much smaller , so we have had to down size too.Wow…work, work.. We are enjoying the quietness here.. so nice.
    Have a great day.