Draft and sew a pleated flap safari pocket

I’ve been sewing quite a few flapped pockets lately and have experimented with my favorite way to sew them.

Here’s how to transform a basic pocket into a pleated safari pocket with buttoned flaps. Or just draw one up yourself. This is the simpler version of the two pockets I made on my DIY Safari jacket.

draft and sew a pleated flap safari pocketPOCKET

If you have an existing pocket pattern the size you want your finished pocket to be, add two inches to the width. Fold the pocket in half and lie it down on the fold of your paper. Move the pattern out one inch from the fold and draw around it. Add 3/8 inch seam allowance to outer edges if you are drawing your own or using pattern with no SA. Add a one inch hem to the top of the pattern if it doesn’t already have one.pocket


The flap is the width of the pocket minus the two inches added. It’s cut on the fold and the widest part is at the fold. It tapers in one inch on each side . It’s 3 inches long when folded so 6 inches long when unfolded. it  The pattern is placed with the fold on the lengthwise grain.flapSew the pocket….

safari1 safari2 safari3 safari4 safari5 safari6safari7 safari8 safari9safari10 safari11

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