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DIY workout wear February 1st I joined an eight week fat loss contest at my gym. I’ve been gaining about a pound a year since my late thirties, and I wanted to do something about it. Sometimes I need a contest to get me motivated and it’s working! I’ve cleaned up my diet and am trying to get in at least five high intensity workouts every week. The hard work is starting to pay off, and I’m also feeling more energetic since switching to a Paleo diet. Giving up sugar, grains, and dairy is haaaaard but I’m starting to get used to it. Actually, I blew it tonight, and had a big slice of banana bread. Man, was it good. Losing body fat isn’t about losing pounds. Muscle weighs more than fat, so if you’re lifting heavy and gaining muscle, your body might change a lot and you’ll lose inches, but you might not lose even a pound. Also, if you don’t eat enough protein and calories, your body starts to use your muscles for fuel. You might lose weight and gain body fat at the same time.  Skinny fat. It just so happens there’s also a workout wear sewing contest going on at Pattern Review so I was totally motivated to make a new workout out fit this week. The people over at Organic Cotton Plus  sent me some hemp knit to try out. I might not smoke pot, or at least I never inhaled , but I don’t mind wearing it! DIY workout wear Hemp topI remember a hemp clothing shop on the Venice boardwalk when I was growing up. The hemp clothing was sort of scratchy and it was all beige. This hemp has come a long way. It’s soft and comfortable and similar to a French terry fabric. Plus, it’s totally organic and made in the Good Old USA. You can check it out here. The top was self drafted and really simple to make. I’ll be posting a tutorial next week.DIY workout wearThe workout capris were also self drafted. They have side seams and a yoke with encased elastic up on top. I noticed most workout pants have some sort of side seam. I’m not exactly sure why, but I decided to add side seams to my design too, just to be safe. These are just a prototype. I have to raise the waistline a bit and widen the back of the leg a tiny bit. One of the reasons I want to make my own workout pant pattern is my store bought pants are  too low waisted and i often have to stop in the middle of an exercise because they start to ride down. I bought this fabric for only two dollars a yard in the garment district at my secret spot,and it feels like really good quality. It’s thick enough for leggings, but designed for swimwear. If you want to try making your own workout pant pattern, I’d recommend using an old pair of workout pants for a template rather than drafting from scratch. Why reinvent the wheel if you have something that fits well in your closet? DIY workout wearWork it!DIY workout wearI had a hula hoop and jump rope contest with the girls . We love contests. Needless to say, Gigi jumped circles around me!DIY workout wear
Come check out the entries!
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  1. says

    Very cute!! I’ve never made workout wear but I have used some nice stuff from Organic Cotton Plus.

    We’ve been eating Paleo for more than 2 years now and have had nothing but success! In way more than just weight/fat loss, too. I’ve been recovering from a nutrient-deficient raw vegan diet that left me in bad shape, so the emphasis on health and real food has been so helpful!

    Couple that with more MOVEMENT in general – win!! Best wishes to you in that, too!

    • says

      Thanks Suzannah, Reading about your experience post made me curious, as I had a few friends doing it, but didn’t think i could. It’s really not that hard.But my kids aren’t doing it so it is tempting. My daughter’s half eaten bagel sits in front of me as I type. The sugar cravings are getting better, though. They do love the Paleo dinners, though. Especially the mashed cauliflower!

  2. nothy lane says

    I love your workout wear. The leggings are great. I’ve been meaning to buy a few slopers from Burda and make my own. They have a class going on that teaches you how to make your own gym wear but at $90 it is really too much – most gym wear is easy to make and to fit, really. Good luck in the patternreview contest. Oh, and I remember hemp clothing from the early nineties too, it was scratchy and very expensive. If you bought it you were paying for boasting rights – i suffer to save the planet type stuff. I love that it has come along way – I like the idea of sustainable threads but if the price is too much, that isn;t sustainable at all.

    • says

      I say just give it a try. Buy a cheap pair of leggings at a thrift shop and take them apart. It really is pretty easy. I just traced a pair. You don’t  need a ninety dollar class.