DIY Turtleneck – An easy pattern change


 Turn a basic t shirt pattern onto a turtleneck!

I was going to make another plain scoop neck 3/4 long sleeve tee. After cutting, I had a good amount of the Merino wool left, but not enough to do anything worthwhile with. I wanted to use up the fabric and get my money’s worth,and the top needed something extra, so I added a turtleneck. Fabric used up! And a warm neck too.

Turn a basic t shirt pattern onto a turtleneck!Turtlenecks are groovy!

I used my Lady T shirt pattern again. I didn’t want to get out my cover stitcher so I made cuffs at the sleeves and hem. What I ended up with was a sweater that looks a lot like a popular sewing pattern. The Renfrew.

This Merino wool I made it with is sooo soft. I’m planning another trip to The Fabric Store to buy some more of these gorgeous New Zealand wool knits. I’m hooked and it’s been cold.

I’m not going to stress about making my entire wardrobe this coming year. That’s way too much pressure, and I just bought some winter clothes on sale for 65 % off at the Land’s End after Christmas sale. Store clothes are so inexpensive with these crazy sales, that it’s easier and cheaper to buy once in awhile. It’s like fast food. Hard to resist sometimes.TheLadyTshirt1976

I just love this funky pattern envelope. The typical 70’s California girl. I love the jaunty scarf.

Here is how to make a turtleneck:Turn a basic t shirt pattern onto a turtleneck!A turtleneck is a great pattern change to know how to make to change up a basic knit t shirt pattern. It’s really just a long cuff.TurtleneckTutorial2Decide how deep you want you turtleneck collar to be. Mine is 6 inches. Double that width and add 3/8 inch seam allowances.TurtleneckTutorial1Measure the neckline length of the top to determine the turtleneck length. Minus about 2 inches from the length to avoid a stretched out looking turtleneck. Add seam allowances.TurtleneckTutorial3,Fold over the turtleneck to double it and press.Mark. the quarter marks of the collar. Baste the raw edges together.TurtleneckTutorial3Pin the marks of both pieces together, and sew collar to top, stretching collar very slightly to fit.

This same method is used if you want to add arm bands or hem bands to a top, too.

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