DIY Striped Pallet Mirror: Bathroom Fix Ups

I painted this striped mirror to hang in my bathroom.
I love how it turned out!
Here is how to make a yellow and aqua striped pallet style mirror.

 This is part of my effort to make my formerly dowdy bathroom a little more cheerful. This bathroom is pretty much ancient but for now we need to live with it.
Case in point: I love those tile floors but they are so old and have lost what seems like permanent stains, no matter id I clean them with bleach. I wonder if I can someone to bring them back to their former glory?

 I’m pretty sure you can still find this mirror at IKEA. It comes unfinished. I previously painted it white.

 I have these Martha Stewart paint samples that I previously used to paint my coffee table and bedroom stool. These little pots have gone a long way!

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  1. Stone Cottage Adventures says

    ‘Love those colors! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. RockabillyRhonda says

    I love it! Where might the wallpaper and shower curtain be from, so refreshing!

  3. Sew Blessed Maw says

    Love your new look in your bathroom.. Such pretty colors.. What a great idea to paint the mirror , striped.. I have an old mirror, think I will try it.. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Tena says

    Sorry for the deleted post. My brain is giving me the silent treatment today! Fun colors!!!!!
    And for your floor, have you tried Bar Keepers Friend? It contains oxalic acid to polish copper and other metals. It’s what I use to clean our white and off white porcelain sinks. Does a great job, wear gloves though as it is a little harsh.

  5. Lexi says

    I used Oxi-Clean powder mixed with water for great results on stained vintage porcelain dishes. Just a thought. Thanks for the inspiration – my bathroom could use some help!