DIY Side Stripe Boyfriend Jean

DIY Boyfriend JeansDIY Boyfriend jeans boyfriendjeans2 I saw some ‘boyfriend’ jeans with a side stripe sort of like these……but I wasn’t so crazy about those huge holes. Maybe if I was 18 I would wear them. But not at my age. Luckily knowing how to sew means you can interpret trends to fit your own style and also be appropriate to your own taste.

Why do they call these boyfriend jeans anyway? It’s not like they were even really even fit like men’s jeans. But Boyfriend Jean seems to be what non skin tight fitting jeans are called. Why not make some from  Boyfriend Jeans from some  real men’s jeans? An interesting idea !Oneteaspoonjeans148One Teaspoon jeans (148$)

Then I saw these jeans by Glory which I liked more,  ( $248)…..gloryjeans228 I went to the thrift shop !

I found some men’s jeans that looked pretty cool. Actually, they were by Diesel so that was a real score for $ 5.99. I took my tape measure and made sure they were going to fit with some ease in the waist and hips. I liked the fit, and have always liked wearing guys jeans, but I did have to do some adjustments to make them a little less manly. It was easy enough to do to get the right look,  baggy at the hips, but then tapered in at the ankle with a little cuff.

I took them home and did some distressing . I sewed darning stitches all over them to make them look like they had been mended. There was actually one hole but it looks like several have been patched now.

Then, I dunked them in a really watered down black dye bath while they were dry. They came out sort of mottled. I’d probably skip that part if I made them again.boyfriendbeforeThey were too long, so I would have big thick cuffs when I rolled them up. They would need to be hemmed to my ankle. Then when I rolled them up they wouldn’t be too bulky.

Also, the bottom of the pants looked too, well, boyish! I would need to taper them a little to get the right look when I rolled them up.boyfriendtute1I cut off the excess length. I drew in a new side seam making sure it wasn’t going to be too tight. I measured my calf and added 1.5 inches ease so it could still be rolled up. I drew the side seam up until just below the knee.

boyfriendtute2,5I sewed the new side seam, unpicked the old seam and pressed the seam flat.boyfriendtute2I used my serger to trim and finish the new seam allowance. But a zig zag stitch would also work.boyfriendtute3Then I folded the hem over 1/4 inch pressed it, then folded it over another 1/2 inch, sewing it.botfriend3Of course being the trim hound I am, I couldn’t leave well enough alone. I had some trims from the theater lying nearby, so I used a little on my side seams. It reminded me of Mariachi pants. I love Mariachi pants!

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  1. Justine says

    So creative, Justine! I’ve had some of the same wonderings about “boyfriend” jeans–and “boyshorts,” that I’ve bought and worn (that they were never really ever fit like men’s jeans). It is so interesting to see the Teaspoon and Glory jeans, where your idea sprang from; and the sequential steps, through to your lovely final pair that you created. Good find, with the jeans, for $5.99! I think you really did a great job fitting your new side seam to your lower leg, with still room to roll them up. They look really good! 🙂

  2. Martina says

    I bought a boyfriend-cut jeans just some weeks ago and i loved the fit!!
    i was wondering where to make alterations to regular men’s jeans to fit them the same way – so, great thanks for your tutorial! i think i’ll stop by some dollar store this week 🙂

  3. cindy coven says

    love the jeans! They’re so cute. But love my new book even more! Thank you so much for the book. I just got it today. Thanks again cindy

  4. Sarah Helene says

    JUSTINE, YOU’RE EVER-SO-CLEVER & CREATIVE to up-cycle men’s used jeans for your “Boyfriend Jeans!”! Spending $5.99 for men’s Diesel jeans at a thrift store & refashioning the leg seams, cutting the length of the legs, and adding bright red braided trim vertically down the side of each leg . . .VOILA! You saved over $240.00 than purchasing a similar pair of jeans from Glory! Sharp photos in your tutorial and photo shoot! BRAVO! thanks for sharing. Sarah in Minneapolis


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