DIY Pipe Shelf & Reclaimed Wood Plank Walls

Hardware store DIY pipe shelf- Sew country chickHi all! This year we’ve been fixing up the old farmhouse, one project at a time. Today I wanted to share our DIY pipe shelf made from pipe from the hardware store and some reclaimed wood. We also covered the walls of the garage with the rest of the reclaimed wood.reclaimed wood wallsWe found this wood on Craigslist. It was reclaimed from a forest fire. reclaimedwoodunfinishedgaragewall

This was what the walls of the new garage looked like before we covered them. It’s a simple framed structure with no insulation. Richard, his friend, and our son nailed up the strips of wood to cover it.reclaimed wood wallsreclaimed wood wallsThis garage is turning onto a really cool spot for hanging out! The bar will be done soon and we’ll be moving in our old billiards table and the leather club chair. Definitely a “man cave”. Maybe I’ll have to move my sewing machines in here to remedy that…

Hardware store DIY pipe shelf- Sew country chick

Hardware store DIY pipe shelf- Sew country chick

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  1. Judy Roberson says

    gorgeous.. I love it..
    We are in the process of remodeling Kenny’s old camphouse .We are selling our house,
    and moving there.. Wow…what a work in progress. Trying to get our house sold, and down
    size some..And remodel at the same time.. ha