DIY Linen Grey Coffee Table, Slipcovers and repurposed light fixtures

tvroomThe past few months I’ve been using up all my creative energy normally used for sewing on this house redo we’ve been working on.

Last week we refinished the old oak floors in an English chestnut stain and dug our rugs out of storage. I had been anti rug for some time, preferring that bare shabby chic look, and I’m so glad I didn’t sell my rugs as I’m loving them again. Most everything is still outside on the porch since we replaced the rotted pine kitchen floors yesterday. But I did finish a coffee table for the TV room, and am just a little bit closer to finishing up in that room. I just need to figure out which pictures to put up and decide if I’m making some curtains or not.farmhouse tv room

After changing the colors of the room from aqua blue to Edgecomb Grey trimmed with Simply White, both by Ben Moore, the blue coffee table didn’t look right. The room here below was originally yellow which looked better than the blue which I never took a picture of. I wish I had painted a swatch on the walls before painting in that color.bluetableafter2Especially with the slipcovers I made last year. So I painted it with Annie Sloan chalk paint in linen grey. I used some white wax and then a bit of dark wax on top of that.linen grey table detail

The table had two planks but food and all sorts of nasty things would fall into the cracks so the only solution was to fill the cracks with patching compound and sand them down. Much to my girls’ chagrin. They enjoyed picking the gunk out of the cracks! The things that amuse kids, right?  I need to find a spot for that old chest. it’s been sitting in my shed for twelve years and I just rediscovered it back there while decluttering.

outsideThe TV room is downstairs next to the dining room and must have been a bedroom at one time since it has a closet in it. The layout is a little awkward for a sofa and TV, so the only place I could put it that made sense was on the wall which isn’t ideal with the window behind it. It sits across form the TV. I haven’t bought any new furniture for the house and am redoing what I have except for this one piece from World Market… and industrial style media stand.World Market TV standI wanted to show you these cool light fixtures a handy guy in town makes from old stuff he gets at estate sales. I would love to make stuff like this but I’m not that handy. So buying from someone local who is, is the next best thing. vintage sieve lampThis ceiling fixture was made from an old sieve.vintage surveyor's tripod lampThis floor lamp was made from a vintage surveyor’s tripod. Both pieces were a lot less expensive than the made in China copies you might find at stores like Restoration Hardware. If you’re ever in Santa Paula near Ojai, check out a little store on Main Street called Remnants on Main where the husband of the owner makes lamps like this. Tell them I sent you!

So what do you think about some curtains in here? And more pictures?



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  1. Diane says

    What do you think about bamboo shades in this room? They’re priced pretty reasonably and I think they look nice. Always up of course. It would be a shame to block out all that wonderful light! And yes to some pictures!!

  2. Karen says

    I say yes to some more pictures too. Everything really looks nice! You did a great job on that coffee table. I just love it!

  3. Sandy Osborne says

    Man, you are multi-talented!! That coffee table looks terrific! I also love that sliding door system shown in the first picture; that is exactly my taste

  4. says

    Justine.. It looks beautiful.
    I love what you did to the coffee table.. Such a change paint makes.
    I think curtains would tie it all in.. Love the doors pretty. Your house is looking fantastic.