DIY galvanized pipe closet

closetRecently we added a new closet and bathroom to our bedroom. The space was there already and had been my youngest child’s nursery previously. I saw a few of these pipe closets floating around on Pinterest and knew it was going to be perfect for our closet. This one from the DIY Diva really caught my eye and I wanted to make something similar. The tutorial was so helpful for my handyman too. Lord know this was way past my DIY ability! We decided to just leave the pipes as is instead of painting them black, but we did need to clean all the black writing off of them with Brasso.

It’s both sturdy and stylish! It took quite a few trips back and forth to the plumbing shop to return and exchange pipe pieces that were the wrong size or shape, but now it looks great. We also found a plumbing supply shop that will add the threads and cut pipe to any size. 6Here is where I realized that the space was much too short for Richard’s shirts. So we had to unscrew it all,take back the pipes and get longer ones. Aack. i’d recommend really doing your homework and figuring out typical industry standards for dimensions before you get started. Not that we did or anything.detailThe shelves are pieces of solid wood lumber, unfinished spruce, that have been cut to size and then stained a walnut color. I love how the pipes support the shelves. This thing is really sturdy. Holes were drilled in the wood and the shelf was set onto the poles. The back part doesn’t have a hole. The hole is only drilled on the front part. They’re just deep enough for Richard’s, boots too. He’s a boot hoarder.5On my side of the closet, we made one part long for my long dresses . The other two sides are perfect for pants, skirts, and tops.pipebeforePutting up the  frame.pipecloset

I’ve had custom closets installed in the past and knew it wasn’t a thing I wanted to repeat. Not only was it expensive, but in general the quality wasn’t so great. I try to avoid anything made of MDF or laminated wood as it always falls apart. I didn’t have much luck finding sturdy and pretty closet systems at the home stores either. Everything looked like it would start breaking down after a couple years and those wire systems look so flimsy.  This closet isn’t going anywhere for a long time!

We also  made this shelf with galvanized pipes last year in the garage…ditpipeshelf

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