DIY Denim Jogging Shorts

diy denim jogging shorts from simplicity 1165

I’ve been wanting some denim type jogging shorts, so I made some by making changes to an existing pattern I’ve already sewn twice. Simplicity 1165, a basic shorts pattern with pockets. I knew the fit was already good, so I didn’t want to fiddle with fitting any new patterns. This shorts pattern is turning out to be a good basic shorts block for me.simplicty 1165  I used a small piece of denim Tencel type fabric that’s been sitting in my stash for a few years. It feels good to finally use it!diy denim jogging shorts from simplicity 1165

There are pockets in the back and pockets in the front. I tried making two buttonholes in the front waistband to run a drawcord through, like ready to wear versions, but the buttonhole function on my new Bernina 560 is malfunctioning. I’m so mad about that. I like my 1982 vintage Bernina better than this new computerized, overpriced one, which is always stopping my stitching and alerting me that I need to change my bobbin thread, even when I just added a full one.

It looks like I’ve made channels to run smaller elastic through, but this is a 2 inch elastic piece of elastic, which I stretched and topstitched over, to give the look of channels.

diy denim jogging shorts The only changes you need to make to a basic shorts pattern to get this jogging shorts look is to make the waistband wider and cut off the hems and curve the side seams for the overlap. I cut two long lengths of 2 inch bias strips from my fabric to finish the bottoms and sides.diyjoggingshorts4joggingshortstute2I traced the origianl piece to freezer paper, then removed the hem from the original pattern piece since it won’t be hemmed, but trimmed with the bias strips all the way around.

I also curved the side seams as shown. Instead of sewing the side seams together, the front of the shorts are overlapped onto the back piece and topstitched.joggongshortstute1The order of sewing is also a little different than basic shorts. First, I sewed the pockets, then the center front and center back seams and crotch seams. Then I sewed the bias tape all the way around each side.joggingshortstute3Then I pinned the front over the back , making sure to line up the original side seams so the fit stayed accurate and top stitched in the ditch of the bias denim jogging shorts from simplicity 1165Then I sewed on the wider waistband, and then stitched across it at 5/8 inch intervals while stretching the elastic taught, to give the channeled denim jogging shorts from simplicity 1165I love my new shorts!

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    • justine says

      Hey Lizzy. Low price fabric or Micheal Levine sekks. But it’s not cheap. Just checked and it’s 17 a yard. I paid two.

  1. Jane says

    Those are so cute!! In fact, I have purchased the same pattern after seeing how many cute pairs of shorts you have made from it. And I like how you changed it up to get these denim shorts! Adorable!

  2. says

    You have inspired me, I need a pair of shorts like this! Well, I need any pair of shorts, since I don’t have any haha 🙂 I like how you used denim and I love how you styled your outfit! xo

    • justine says

      You should make some Erin! You are right by the beach , right?so you NEED shorts!

  3. says

    Love these! That fabric is perfect for the shorts! I have a burda pattern very much like this and use it every year…mmmh! but it doesn’t have the front pockets, which look just perfect.
    Really, Justine, you create sewing needs in me!

    • justine says

      Oh thanks Mercedes! I’ve been sewing less flashy lately, but more everyday stuff so that’s nice to hear!