DIY cropped halter top tutorial

Hi readers!

Here’s how to make a cute cropped  halter top for summer from an old t shirt!

DIY cropped halter to - sew country chick

Check out the before and after…. this is a quick project . All you need is an old t shirt and some knit fabric to make binding with. If the tshirt is long enough, you can just use the bottom part of the t shirt that you cut off when you make the top shorter.

DIY cropped halter to - sew country chickDIY cropped halter to - sew country chickIsn’t our goat Indie cute?DIY cropped halter to - sew country chickDIY cropped halter to - sew country chickHere’s how I made it.tute1I turned the T inside out and drew a halter style, making sure to end at the original armhole and close to the original neckline. A halter needs to go up higher in the center front.tute3I flipped it over and drew the new back .foldinalfI cut it out, then folded the front in half to make sure both sides are even.biasstrapsI cut out a two inch wide strip of knit fabric about 1 yard long. I folded it in half, ironed it, then folded it in half and pressed it again to form a crease. It looked like the bias tape you buy. The outer fold is the stitch line.I cut off a small piece to sew to the front neckline first. First pin the binding right side to right side of t shirt and sew on the smaller fold line…..biasstrapsI  folded the binding over and pinned. Then stitched in the ditch. There are no raw edges showing on the inside this way.tute5tute7The folded part folds over like woven bias tape and covers the raw edges. Nice!tute4I did the same with the back and armholes. For that part, I used the rest of the binding, folded it in half to and made sure it was equal lengths, and pinned it right side to right side starting in the center back. The binding goes all the way up and turns into neck ties.tute8Once I finished attaching the binding to the top, I sewed the ties closed by pinning them together and sewing along the edge. I used a stretch stitch on my regular machine for all seams on this project.straps

Then I shortened the top.

I hope you try it!

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