Design It Yourself Clothes Draft Along : Fitting the A line skirt

Welcome to day two of the Design It Yourself Clothes Draft Along!
So the last post I left off with finishing the first draft of my a line skirt.
I mentioned that I thought the skirt draft looked a little off in the side seams and I was right!
The skirt was really big in the waist area.
And it had too much overall ease. 
 So I removed that 1/4 inch I added to my original measurements. Then I removed another 1/2 inch from the top waist side seam as you can see above. Altogether that made 3 inches removed from the waist.
How did I get my measurements so messed up ?!
As far as sewing the skirt went goes, this was really only a muslin so I sewed it quickly.
I sewed the side seams, inserted a side seam zipper, made a one inch folded over hem, and left the waistband unfinished for today. I will add a grosgrain waistband tomorrow.
 This skirt above is the same skirt I have on in the first picture after I took in my side seams and dyed it.. The fabric was an old denim I bought at a yard sale and it was faded by the sun so I dyed it navy blue.
Now that my skirt fitting and pattern revision are complete I will trace my pattern to a new, clean piece of manila paper which will make the pattern more durable. I can use it again and again to trace and make new styles from!
I won’t be making the other skirts in the book until I am finished making all of the other basic styles first.
On the agenda for next Tuesday :

Tracing my revised skirt pattern to my manila paper.
Drafting the t shirt pattern.

If you are sewing along you can post a link here below!

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  1. says

    I was excited to have success with my first muslin on this! I was really nervous about my ease, so I was excited it worked out.

    I’m much more nervous about the top fit. I blogged my skirt here. A-line skirt Post


  2. says

    Thank you thank you! I have an amazing piece of dark gray fabric with the moat beautiful movement and this skirt is perfect for that fabric. I can’t wait to do it this weekend.