Desert road trip part two. San Felipe, Baja, Mexico

san felipe pete'scamp

After leaving the Salton Sea, crossing the border at Mexicali, and two hours of crossing the empty Baja desert , we approached San Felipe. I hadn’t made any reservations, but we did bring a tent in case we found a spot to camp on the beach. We saw a sign for a campground on the road called Pete’s Camp, which I vaguely remembered from my childhood camping trips. We turned and drove about 1/2 mile down the dirt road and came across the most beautiful empty beach.

san felipe bajaThis would do. It was getting dark so we set up our tent.san felipe baja mexicoI like empty beaches.shoreourtentWe pitched our tent and were greeted the next morning by a truck selling fresh coconuts, cut while you wait by a machete.truckcoco3Coconut with chili pepper. yum…lonebeachSan Felipe is on the Sea of Cortez. The tides are incredible there, and can go out as far as a mile and back over the course of a few hours. The water is warm and calm, and there are sea shells everywhere.sandalsoystersWe went to town and stopped at an oyster stand,solMe and the big kids had some Mexican beer,hats san felipeand we did a little shopping.san felipeThe kids played Scrabble while I read my book. I loved that there is no internet or phone service. It forces you to unplug.tacostandWe had the best Pastor tacos ever at this small taco stand in town.pastortacospeppersWith grilled jalapenos on the side.tortillasThe tortillas were being made on site. Tacos made with piping hot, fresh tortillas. The best.TVWe even got to watch a Vicente Fernandez film on the TV ! A perfect Baja evening out.san felipe beachWhat stands out most in my mind when I remember San Felipe is the quality of the light there. i did my best to capture, it but it’s so much prettier in person.

It’s magical.

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  1. judy says

    How fun.. Know your enjoying being with the kids.. Keep having fun.
    ps..Just wanted to let you know, I have been taping the sew news shows.. I have seen 4 already,
    and still not seen you yet.. [unless it came out, before I started taping them??? hope not.ha] I will
    let you know, when or if I see it.. Judy]

  2. Brenda Kimberlin says

    What a beautiful trip. It’s funny when you think of all the big trips we all spend money on — but every summer, without fail, my kids ask me: “When are we going camping again?”