Decoupaged French Country Doghouse



We have four dogs. The tiniest is a little Chihuahua named Coco. She wandered in one day from the road after being abandoned, most likely.She was half starving and had recently had a litter,the poor little thing, and it was a little while before she regained her health.

One day, I was driving home, and I found a little abandoned doghouse on the side of the road. So  I put it in the van and brought it home for a future project. That was about six months ago.

Enter a little Mod Podge, paint, upholstery webbing, and wall paper samples, and Voila! A pretty house for my petite chien. doggiehouse2

Here’s how I took an old abandoned dog house from drab to fab!


An old wood dog house

Mod Podge

French country toile wallpaper samples

yellow and red paint for painting wood boards

creme paint for base coat

Furniture stain in PROVENCAL

2 yards upholstery webbingdoghousebefore

First, I painted the dog house with a creamy color. I had some old leftover paint lying around.paintingbasecoat

Then I got out some old wallpaper samples and upholstery webbing I had been saving for some future project. I love when I finally use up craft materials that are lying around. I ordered these wallpaper samples when we bought another home eight years ago. Yes, my name is Justine, and I’m a craft supply hoarder.modPodging

I painted the boards shades of red and yellow, Provencal colors. And cut strips of the French themed wallpaper and Mod Podged them down to some of the boards. I also used the Mod Podge to cover some of the boards with the upholstery webbing.Applyingwallpaper&paint

Once it was all dry. I took some sandpaper to the project to do a little distressing.aftersanding

Now, I like my sanded pieces to look old, not just sanded, so I used my Provencal color stain to rub into the sanded bits of wood. This gives a nice patina to the wood.stainafterstain

See how it gives a bit of patina? I go easy on the stain and wipe it on with a paper towel. If it looks like I’ve added too much, I sand it down a little to get some off. Once I was done adding patina,  I painted on a  thick coat of Mod Podge to seal all the little flecks of paper that had come loose from sanding. I might also add a coat of polyurethane to give even more outdoor protection.FrenchCountryDoghouseCoco loves her new maison!pepperSorry Pepper, C’est trop petite for you!

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  1. cindy coven says

    What a great use of paper or fabric! Coco looks very happy in her stylish house. Pepper looks so sad though. I think you need to make another one for Pepper. “REAL” dogs do toile!