Decoden Wedding Cake Headbands With Collage Clay

Decoden Headbands With Collage ClayI got a little package in the mail from Plaid Crafts with some new products to try out. There were several new products from Mod Podge.  I had tried out Mod Podge Collage Clay at the Craft Convention in January and was excited to finally get some in my hands. It’s a product that gives a whip cream frosting look, I also recieved a bunch of other goodies from Mod Podge: Drizzle paint, a shiny thick gooey paint that looks like candy, some new Mod Podge Melt COLORED glue sticks ( cool!) , and new designs of Mod Podge silicone molds. Decoden Headbands With Collage ClayCollageClay

Collage Clay and Mod Podge Sticks.ModMolds

Drizzle Paint and Mod Molds.

I spent the entire day yesterday playing with these products and it was really hard not to want to take a bite of these yummy looking crafts! I loved the pink and gold Mod Podge sticks and used the wedding themed Mod melt molds to create these wedding cake themed headbands.  It was a lot of fun and my housework piled up around me as I was totally entranced with this project!

Decoden Headbands With Collage ClayI had some old headbands lying around and decided I would give them a Decoden makeover…. Decoden is all the rage in Japan, by the way. You may have seen some of  the trinket and jewel encrusted cell phone cases on Pinterest.MakeMoldsLily made the shapes with the glue gun.ModMeltShapesYummy shapes done!collageclayshapeI cut out a circle from felt and heart shape from cardboard  and used the collage clay to cover them. It goes on like cookie frosting and comes with several different tips for different effects. wrappingheadbandsI wrapped some beat up headbands with ribbon and glue gunned it in place. Then I glued some pearl trim on top of one of the headbands.pearlonheadbandheartI glued more of the pearl trim to the heart and covered it with frosting. It looks like a cookie!dryingshapeWe pushed the Mod Melt shapes into the whip cream collage clay decorated shapes and decorated them further with drizzle paint, sparkles, pearls, and rhinestones. We let them dry on the windowsill overnight. But we could have used an extra day to let them dry harder. When it comes to Decoden MORE IS BETTER!luingtoheadbandI cut out felt backs for the shapes and hot glued them to to thee headband, sandwiching the headband between the shapes and the felt backs.

Decoden Headbands With Collage Clay

The wedding cake heart headband was my favorite, but it got a little smashed when I glued it to the headband. The Collage Clay is durable BUT it takes a long time to completely cure. I would recommend letting it dry for about two days before handling it roughly. It dries to the touch sooner, so it is a little deceiving . Like when you leave the nail shop and your nails seem dry…until you put on your seat belt.

Decoden Headbands With Collage Clay

If you are inspired by Collage Clay and want to make your own project there is a Collage Clay Decoden contest going on being sponsored by Plaid. Visit Plaid to see more information about the contest and see what types of goodies you can win.

And to purchase these projects you can vist Michael’s in person or on their website.

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And below are a few more fun ideas from Plaid for Decoden ideas:

Decoden Headbands With Collage Clay

Disclosure: I was paid to try these products but the opinions are my own.

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