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Today I want to share my dad’s pictures here on the blog. My dad Fred has been a big part of this blog. When I had a project I made for myself I wanted to share, I would sometimes ask for my dad’s help. My dad and I would get together and hunt around town for just the right spot to take the photos. From him I learned to shoot photos, how to edit, and how to choose locations. And how to download a photo, lol!

Photo by me of my dad in an apron I made him. 2014

We had such fun together and I’m glad we spent that time together as he has been very ill the past two years.

I thought I would share some of my favorite photos he took on the blog here with you and with him as well. Thanks Dad, for all the fun times we had together and for teaching me about your first creative love before the movies. The art you learned back in New York when you were just twenty, taking photos for that museum job. I love you.

Clothes made by me

Photos by Fred Stafford, my dad.

At the river in a storm drain.

On the road near my home.


In my silk jersey 70’s wrap dress pattern. At Dad’s house.

At Ventura City Hall in my original design dresses for the girls.

At Grandpa’s house in a dress and top I haphazardly designed. Inspired by the early 70’s!

Hand stamped and dip dyed dress at the river. Air balloon behind me.

At the high school tennis courts in my workout outfit.

Gigi in her Norah dress by MHC.

A top for Sew News.

Red dress at the abandoned railroad tracks.

Dad came to the theater to take photos of some of the actors in my work. That’s me above discussing costumes with the director.The Segull 1890's CostumeButtercik 4954

Padded Dress Form

He took these photos for one of my Sew News articles.

At the Santa Paula Airport in my silk Vogue jumpsuit.

Mesh Lekala Tee

Gigi’s tailored school blazer.

On the freeway bridge in my leather Ziggi jacket.

At the Santa Paula oil museum in my McCall’s dress.

In a jacket I made for Sew News in Dad’s backyard. These were the last photos we took before Dad got sick with cancer in 2016.

Dad, me, and my brother Ian, in Hollywood where I grew up. Boy were we scruffy! Dad was working for the studios at this time. This was probably around the time he was working on Chinatown. He worked on hundreds of movies through my childhood and young adulthood. I remember him cutting film and taping it together and then later switching to computers and digital film. (Link to his IMBD page) I loved going down to his work at Paramount and eating at the commissary with him. I felt like a princess.

Postscript: as of Wed December 20th. Since writing this my dad has been put in hospice care. As he awaits his last breath, I know that at least he is comfortable. The family is all here and I will be taking some time off until after the new year.

Have a blessed Holiday and New Year, dear readers.



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  1. Ann says

    It’s so nice that you and your dad have been so close…I found it really touching. I can’t believe he worked on Chinatown! I’m so impressed! I loooooove that 70’s photo of you guys. Also, by the way, those 2 photos of Gigi in the middle — I thought they were photos of you taken when you were little. She looks like your mini-me.

    Best wishes to your dad!

  2. cat says

    AHHHH, so sweet! and if I must say, he was a hippie hunk! whew! How much fun you must have had at the studios and then with the photos. A very lucky girl and woman to have so much in your life with your father. He is clearly sooooo proud of you and loving.
    XXOO Cat

  3. Dagmar says

    What a handsome Dad but more importantly, a great photographer. I remember many of these outfits from your blog posts. The photo you in the drain pipe is just beautiful from a composition perspective ( as well as a great photo of the dress and you in it!) and the air field series is also beautiful. The padded form series is technically so clear and well shot. He really has an eye for capturing the best of you and of your lovely creations. My thoughts are with you at what sounds like a very difficult time. 🙂

  4. Sandy Osborne says

    What a great tribute to your dad–he’s got a very impressive résumé.

    I also enjoyed seeing a review of some of your past makes. You are a great inspiration, Justine 🙂

  5. says

    What an incredibly cool Dad photo from the 70s. I wish your Dad a very peaceful departure, hugs for you at this very difficult time.

  6. Pamela H. says

    A touching and admirable post, especially at this difficult time. The photos are beautiful, without doubt a tribute to the talent of your beloved father. May the photos provide you with endless comfort and good memories. May God watch over you all, providing wisdom and strength as you go through this passage.