Considering making a bridal gown

A friend of my sons’ older sister is getting married and has asked if I would make a bridal gown for her. So I’ve been researching the process. It’s a big responsibility . Having just finished a costuming job for a play and making three dresses to fit a character who is a man disguised as a woman a well as lots of alterations on vintage dresses this might be an interesting project to take on. I’ve been on lots of forums and the book Bridal Couture: Fine sewing for wedding gowns by Susan Khalje is highly recommended but super expensive starting at 50$ for a used copy. Couture Sewing Techniques by Claire Shaeffer  is also recommended and I did order that. The following is a fascinating article about custom dressmakers in New York City that I embedded. Having no idea what to charge , this article is really helpful although I somehow embedded the whole New York  Magazine. Saturday we will go and look at fabric and see how much that will cost.

 From New York Magazine April 1 1991: I have no idea how the whole magazine was downloaded but there you go…Press the plus sign to see better.

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  1. My name is Rebecca Williams... says

    It might be a bit scary but I’m sure you will do a fantastic job 🙂