Chunky grey wool knit hooded sweater coat

I wanted to try sewing with a thick sweater knit.

grey hooded chunky knit sweater coat- Sew Country Chick

Voila my chunky, wool knit hooded sweater coat!

I wanted to make a long, grey, hooded sweater coat, a trendy look this winter. However, I didn’t buy enough of this chunky, wool sweater knit from Mood to make it long enough and to also make the hood. A classic case of buying fabric first with a  vague idea, and then deciding exactly what to make with it.grey hooded chunky knit sweater coat- Sew Country Chick

I was originally going to use Mccall’s6802 but the reviews I read on it were pretty bad, and when I opened the pattern, I could tell it was going to be a big, boxy thing.m6802_frontBut I did salvage the hood from the pattern, and adapted it use on McCall’s 6996 , a sweater coat with set in sleeves I’ve made before here. I like the fit on this one…. I cut a size 12.McCalls-M6996-SZ-L-XXL-UCNgrey hooded chunky knit sweater coat- Sew Country ChickI lined the hood with the same fabric. grey hooded chunky knit sweater coat- Sew Country ChickThe hood is connected to a panel that’s sewn onto the front and then folded over. I cut four of these hood/panel combos so it used a lot of fabric. This was a little something I added to the design to give more body to the front piece, to avoid any rough edges on the inside, and to have the hood lined . It reminds me of a  a bathrobe.

Because of the weight of the knit, I cut strips of woven interfacing and ironed it to the sewing seam lines to avoid the shoulders and back neck from getting stretched out. I need to buy some Stay Tape. I hand hemmed the sleeves, the inside band , and the hem to avoid machine stitching lines. It’s been years since I’ve used a blind hemmer attachment as I hem by hand really quickly, and kind of enjoy doing it. But I know that attachment would save lots of time. I’m going to try it on my next woven hem I sew. grey hooded chunky knit sweater coat- Sew Country ChickLily picked out this fabric for me at Mood. I was overwhelmed by the choices, and she honed in on this one. It’s a wool knit blended with something else, probably nylon, from Italy. It has little gold flecks in it. It’s really soft and cozy. I was going to line my sweater coat, but this fabric feels really good on my skin.grey hooded chunky knit sweater coat- Sew Country ChickIt’s a little bulky looking from the side…..grey hooded chunky knit sweater coat- Sew Country ChickBut the pattern has great shaping. I added three inches to the length and narrowed the shoulders . grey hooded chunky knit sweater coat- Sew Country Chicksweater coat I ran out of fabric for the belt so made a little button closure.I can’t wait to wear my cozy coat out!

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  1. says

    Cool coat! I want one for me too!
    And you know what? I think I like the button better then the belt…

  2. says

    I didn’t know you could make sweaters. I thought they…I dunno…grew on trees, sprang from rocking chairs… This is an awesome sweater coat. I want to hear this: “Great coat! Where did you get it?” “This old thing? I made it.” (smug smile here)

  3. Linda Zimmer says

    The pattern is very nice. A hood makes my back hot when I’m shopping and not wearing it up. I wrote down the McCall’s pattern numbers that you mentioned and plan to get two next week. I purchased some light weight knit on a Hancock’s sale before Christmas and plan to make two light-weight sweaters for our grown daughters. Also want to make a fake wrap dress also out of the knit. That material you have looks so expensive and elegant besides looking soft and comfortable. Your fitting and sewing is very professional. Always looking forward to your sewing.

  4. says

    Good choice Lily! Yeah i too buy fabric and then decide what to do with it a lot of the time! Love the coat, it looks so warm, soft and comfy!

    • says

      Maybe I’ll learn knitting someday. But this would probably be so hard to knit. I’ll probably be able to make a potholder.

  5. Sarah says

    Nice coat!
    This sweater coat is just perfect for our California weather. I do like the added button closer.