Chevron Halloween Wreath Tutorial

Recently I was contacted by Joann Fabrics to create an outdoor Halloween decor project using products from their store for their Spooky Spaces Halloween campaign.
I created a chevron fabric wrapped wreath with felt flowers, a foam raven, and some vintage Scrabble pieces which came from my own collection.
This is the first wreath I have ever made. I never thought of myself as the wreath type but this was so fun to make I see now why people like making them!
OK…..I did have a birthday last week, and while I’m too vain to let you know exactly how old I am, let’s just say I’m solidly in my forties now. Does that mean my wreath making switch has been turned on?
All signs point to yes.

I went to Joann and bought a foam wreath and two chevron patterned quarter yard cuts, some felt squares and some glue sticks for my glue gun.
The black bird came from the dollar store. I bought it like two years ago and it has been hiding out in my craft cupboard with a menacing look like, “When are you going to use me lady, or will I end up at your estate sale someday?”
 The Scrabble pieces are from the Rose Bowl Flea market in Pasadena, but they do have Scrabble type squares at Joann if you don’t have ages to collect all these little tile pieces like I do. Spending hours on a Sunday morning starting at the crack of dawn, aimlessly walking the stalls of the flea market wondering if I should buy a ten dollar sausage sandwich or not and an overpriced grain sack. Seriously, how do I end up with so much junk? That’s how.
I’m finding myself making more craft projects lately. I’ve been busy creating sewing patterns and dresses for my shop I’m planning and crafting is a nice break from the technical aspects of pattern making and dress making.
To make the wreath I tore about 2 18 inch strips from my two chevron pieces. The fabric was only 9 inches longso I sewed them all together to make one long piece and wrapped it around the wreath. I used the glue gun to secure it where I started and to secure the strip at the end.
 I cut some 4 inch by 12 inch felt strips, folded them in half and cut slits.
Then I wrapped the strip like this, to make a loopy flower. And glued it to a small felt circle then glued that to the wreath.
I used popsicle sticks  to glue to the back of my Scrabble pieces, creating a little sign… then glued some baker’s twine to the wreth to make a hanger, and then I glued on the bird.
Do you like it?
This post is a campaign sponsored by Joann Fabrics. I was given free materials in exchange for using the products.

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  1. sewVery says

    Happy belated birthday, Justine! Mine is right around the corner, and I’m there with ya in the 40’s! This wreath was so simple to make and looks fantastic! I should look around my house and in the tons of storage containers in my attic for interesting items to add to projects.