The winding tale of sewing with silk velvet and the nightmare of buttonholes in velvet. Vogue 9141

                                                            Vogue 9141, completed with just enough time to get to the Christmas show.                                 Vogue 9141 in silk velvet with silk taffeta collar and cotton lawn lining. Size 6.                                                               Lots of twirliness with its’ circle skirt! I spent the night in downtown LA last week after attending one of my oldest and best friends’ fiftieth […]

10 Tips for sewing silk chiffon

Silk chiffon is soft, floaty, and so, so, delicate.  Yes, it’s a bit finicky, but so worth the effort if done right. I’ve been working on a chiffon kimono, and thought I’d share my notes on working with silk chiffon. Here are my ten tips for working with silk chiffon, an elegant and often expensive […]